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Makeup Brushes Need Regular Care

Makeup Brushes

Most women wear some kind of cosmetics to stay looking fabulous!  Makeup brushes play a very important part of that  and we spend good money for fine brushes.  A good brush can cost upwards of $50.  We use brushes to apply everything from foundation to powders to eye shadow and lip gloss.  But these brushes need regular cleaning at least once a month.

The best way to clean a brush whether natural fiber or synthetic, is with a small amount of shampoo and water.  One company, IT Cosmetics  makes a special brush cleaner.  First wash your hands.  Run the brush under warm running water, then take a drop of shampoo or cleaner and work it into the brush until a lather forms.  Rinse the brush under warm running water until the rinse water comes out clean.  You may need to lather the bristles more than once to remove all the makeup.  Shake the brushes to remove excess water then reshape.  Lay the brush on a counter with the bristles hanging over the edge.  You don’t want to lay them on a towel to dry as mildew could form and the brush’s shape can change.  Never blow dry your good brushes.Chesapeake, VA, Norfolk, VA, Chesapeake, Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia

Other Makeup Items

Things like makeup sponges, eye shadow applicators and powder puffs should be washed once a week.  Better yet, use disposable sponges.  Clean eye lash curlers weekly with eye make up remover on a cotton ball.  Shower puffs can be thrown in the laundry once a week.

If you take good care of the tools you use for your make up, you will stay looking fabulous all the time!!

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Editor’s Note:  This article was originally published in March 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.