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Luggage Needs Some Routine Care

Luggage is the Beginning of Your Vacation!

Luggage is the first thing you get out when it is finally time to get real about your upcoming vacation.  It comes in all types of coverings from leather, to cloth, to plastic and each covering requires a different type of cleansing.  I think leather luggage is the most luxurious.  When you purchase leather suitcases, also purchase a  protectant and spray the surfaces before using the luggage.  Then over time, keep the leather supple with a cream leather preparation.  The beauty of leather reveals itself as it ages and acquires a patina.

Soft Sided Luggage is Easy to Care For

Spot clean soft sided bags with a mild soap and water and keep the fabric barely damp.  Allow it to dry completely.  If the inside of the suitcase smells musty, wipe it down with a solution of one part vinegar and five parts of water.  Do not saturate the lining. then allow to dry in sunlight if possible and leave the luggage open for several days to allow the odor to disappear.

Hard Sided Suitcase

These days, hard sided baggage is quite popular.  To keep the outside looking shiny, apply a coat of auto wax.  Then for routine maintenance, just wipe with a soft sloth and mild detergent and rinse until the soap residue is gone.

The History of Luggage

Originally, suitcases were cases made of wood, covered with leather and lined with fabric.  Samsonite developed the concept of soft sided luggage during World War II when they decided to make bags out of canvas.  We all remember the TV commercial of the gorillas throwing around Samsonite cases with no damage!  Luggage will last longer if stored in a dry space with no extremes of hot and cold.

Time to get out the suitcases and hit the road!!

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in August 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.