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I Love Crafting

Fall, for me is crafting season.  Actually, any season presents its own craft opportunities. As soon as the days become less humid and it begins to get dark a bit sooner and Friday night football fills the night, I retreat into my craft room and start crafting.

Crafting is Determined by the Holiday at Hand

I can’t quite motivate as soon as the retailers do, but from Labor day (not a crafting holiday) I begin thinking about Halloween.  Just seeing the pumpkins laid out on First Colonial Road at Stoney’s or on London Bridge Road at Hunt Club makes me feel happy inside.  I picture the little ones, toddling through the pumpkin patch and then helping Mom or Dad carve their very first Jack-o-lantern.  In Springtime thoughts turn to Easter egg decorating and coming up with great Easter baskets.  I also need a springtime wreath for my front door.  So much crafting, so little time!

Thanksgiving is More About the Food

My “crafting” for Thanksgiving is in the form of baking cookies, dozens and dozens of cookies, aided by my grandchildren.  We make several varieties year after year and then add in a new one or two kinds.  Our favorites are snickerdoodles, pumpkin cookies and marble cookies.

I found all the recipes in Mrs. Fields’ Cookie Book which is well worn from decades of use. You will still find it on Amazon and I highly recommend it.

ChristmasChesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia

Christmas needs no crafting explanations.  Just wrapping gifts is a craft.  I spend a lot of time each year coming up with a wrapping theme.  Sometimes it is a different color for each person.  Other years, all the paper is plain white and each giftee has a different color ribbon.  Sometimes I go rustic and use brown wrapping paper with red plaid ribbon.  At any rate, my gifts always stand out under the tree.

A simple balsam wreath adorned with a few sprigs of holly grace my front door.


Winter is, obviously, not a holiday.  But I do the biggest portion of my crafting in the cold, dark days of winter.  That’s because my favorite thing to do is knit.  It sounds boring, but I find it comforting and calming.  I knit afghans so before long, my lap is full of a soft, cuddly creation.  Now that my entire family and everyone I know has their very own afghan, I sell my creations at Santa’s Stocking Craft Show at the Princess Anne Rec Center  on the first weekend in November and the Chesapeake show which takes place the weekend before Thanksgiving at the Chesapeake Conference Center..  These all feature local crafters, not professionals.  You will find one of a kind items with prices from a dollar to several hundred dollars for hand sewn quilts.

I urge you to support local crafters and come to one of these shows.

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Editor’s Note: We originally published this article in November 2013.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.