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Laundry is a Chore? We’ve Actually Got It Good

Laundry is Such a Chore

These days we look at laundry as a chore.  A bad chore.  A pain in the neck chore.  Actually we’ve got it good.  We have washers and dryers.  Really all we have to do is separate colors, let the washing machine do its thing,  Let the dryer do the same then fold.  Between the chores of separating laundry and folding it we can be doing whatever we choose.  We can do things like reading a book, playing with the kids, knocking out other easy chores like dusting.  Laundry day is a terrible day, right?

What Laundry Was Like When I Was a Kid

My elementary school years were in the ’50s.  My grandparents had the really old fashioned washers with rollers to wring the water out of the clothing.  They used scrub boards to remove stains.  My parents, though not well off, did have a “modern’ washer.  But dryers weren’t yet in wide use.  We had a clothes line.

It went from the second floor of our house out to a great old elm tree in the back yard  (this was obviously before Dutch Elm Disease hit New England and thousands of trees were lost) and was equipped with a block and tackle.  In order to dry clothes  you would lean part way out the porch window to reach the line, pin the clothing to the line and reel it out.  Since it was so high we didn’t need to worry about linens dragging on the ground.  I used to enjoy working with my mom to pin the clothes to the line when I was 6 or 7.

Then there were days when rain was on the way and we had to run to the porch and haul the dry laundry back inside before it got wet all over again.  I didn’t even mind folding and putting things away.  Then we got a bright shiny electric dryer and from then on I have missed the days with my mom and the old clothes line.

Now laundry seems a huge chore.  I think it always was and I’m just nostalgic for my mom!

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in September 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.