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Knit a Cozy Afghan For Cold Winter Nights

Assemble Your Supplies

To knit this cozy afghan you will need number 13 circular needles.  Straight needles are not long enough for this project.  I like the bamboo ones.  You will knit with two strands of yarn.  I use Caron’s Simply Soft.  It knits up soft and cuddly and is very easy to work with.  You will need about 24 ounces of each yarn.  You can choose to knit all one color or choose two contrasting colors as seen in the accompanying photo.  Michael’s and A.C. Moore both carry the needles and the yarn.  Also, this yarn is machine washable and dryable.

This Pattern is Great for the Knitting Novice

Using 2 strands of yarn, cast on 120 stitches

Knit 8 rows


Row 9:  (Odd) Knit 6, with yarn in back, knit 12,  with yarn in front, purl 12 then repeat knit 12 purl 12 until the final 6 stitches.  Knit the last 6 stitches

Row 10:  (Even)Knit 6 then with yarn in front, purl 12, with yarn in back, knit 12 repeat purl 12, knit 12 until the final 6 stitches.  Knit the last 6 stitches

Continue alternating odd and even rows for a total of 15 rows of pattern ending on an Odd row.

Row 16: Odd row (so you will have 2 Odd rows in a row)

Alternate Odd and Even rows for 15 more rows always ending on an odd row and beginning the next 15 rows with an Odd row.

Continue repeating the pattern until you have 12 squares high.

Knit 8 rows

Bind off

This Cozy Afghan is Also Cozy to Knit

If you begin now, you’ll have this cozy afghan finished in time for cool Fall nights.  You’ll find it cozy to knit as well, as the afghan covers your lap once it gets longer.

Pretty soon your family members will be submitting requests for afghans in their favorite colors!