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Keep Your Home Warm From Winter Chills

Warm and Cozy Makes a House a Home

It’s still Fall and while the temperatures fall into the low 60s at night it is still in the 70s during the days.  Not yet time for heavy winter coats and boots, but just the right time to think about keeping your home warm when the winter winds start to blow.  There are plenty of low cost do-it-yourself ways to begin this process.  First of all, check the attic.  In order to keep the warmth from the house from going out the roof, there should be at least 11 inches of fiberglass or rock wool insulation.  Don’t forget to insulate the hatch into the attic as well.

Keep It Warm on the Inside

You can find most of the supplies you might need at your local hardware store.  To keep your pipes warm, wrap them in insulation.  This comes in tubes with a slit down the side so it slides easily over the pipes.  Cut it to length then secure it with duct tape.  There is little that can cause as much damage as a burst pipe.  Use shrinkable plastic to seal all windows or hire a professional to place a film of low e over the panes.

A lot of the warmth from your home can be lost through leaks in the duct system.  This definitely takes a professional to check and fix.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Warm

Run your ceiling fans in reverse.  Running them counterclockwise will cool your room but running them clockwise will take the warm air that gathers at the ceiling and force it downward to make the room feel more comfortable.  It is counter intuitive, but it can lower your heating bills by as much as 10%.  Changing your thermostat to an automatic one will also save money and some of the cost may be tax deductible.  You may choose to use a space heater to warm up the room you spend time in.  If you do that, be sure to read all the operating instructions thoroughly.  Keep the heater away from flammable items like drapes and upholstery.

Once all your chores are done and your home is winterized, do the final thing that will keep you warm:  pull on that heavy sweater.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in October 2014.  We have updated it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.