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Is Customer Service a Thing of the Past?

Customer Service is Often the Dreaded Phone Tree

So you need to make a simple call to your doctor’s office, your plumber or a housecleaning service.  You dial the listed number and your hear a recording.  It tells you to press 1 for hours, press 2 regarding an existing appointment, press 3 for a new appointment and on and on and on ad infinitum.  All you need is to tell the person on the other end of the phone a simple instruction regarding your appointment. However,  you can’t get a customer service rep on the line.

Now, if you know the person’s 4 digit extension, you are all set.  But even using the old trick of pressing 0 does not get you a live person.  Saying “representative” sometimes works, but is unreliable.  You end up in an endless loop.  A pleasant voice tells you what number to press for everything except how to get a customer service rep on the line.  It is aggravating to say the least and time consuming at worst.  I really hate the ones that tell me every 20 seconds that my call is important to them.  Then they play annoying music.  Finally they say that a customer service rep will be on the line shortly.

Live Customer Service is Not What It Used to Be

I really dislike shopping at the so called big box stores.  When I do go into one, it is not to shop and browse.  I go to pick up one or two specific items.  Since I don’t frequent these stores, I don’t know where my item is to be found so I search in vain for a sales associate.  They are nowhere to be found.  Even when I finally find a store associate, I get a blank stare, a mumble or two and no satisfactory answer to my question.

Last week I actually had a great customer service experience at Best Buy of all places.  I asked a fellow in a blue vest where an item was and not only did he know; not only did he point out the area to me; he actually went with me to the location.  Now that is good old fashioned customer service!

My dad owned a men’s clothing store while I was growing up and I was always so proud of his customer service policy.  He would accept an item in return even if it was not purchased in his store.  He had customers for life.

At Custom Maid, an actual person answers our phone, usually on the first or second ring when you call during normal business hours.  After 5 PM and on weekends, you get one phone prompt then speak with a real live person.  We believe our customers are our most important asset and try very hard to deliver customer service that is above and beyond expectations.

Try us out if you crave great customer service, not just on the phone but, of course in the excellent cleaning you will receive.  Our number is 499-8568.  We are waiting for your call!

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