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International Women’s Day is March 8th

International Women’s Day is an Important Celebration

International Women’s Day is Wednesday, March 8th, 2017.  The celebration began in 1909 in New York City when 20,00 people marched in a strike against unfair working conditions in garment factories.  Many male union leaders were skeptical about having women participate in the strike.  It turned out that about 70% of the strikers were women.  The famous strike resulted in a shorter work week (only 52 hours!) and a raise in pay.  The International Ladies Garment Workers Union spearheaded the effort.

In 1915 International Women’s Day switched to March 8th because it was a Sunday and would not interfere with the work week.  Ever since then it has been observed on March 8th.  The intention of International Women’s Day is to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

The UN Became Involved in the 1950s

This special day honoring women is now spearheaded by the UN.  This year they have assigned the theme of Be Bold for Change.  Women all across the world participate.  This year in our country we are calling it The Day Without Women.  Many women will stay away from their jobs in protest of lack of gender parity in pay as well as treatment.  Women who do not hold paying jobs, will not perform their routine household tasks to show what the world would be like if women were not in the workforce.  Others, who cannot miss work will wear red to show solidarity.

In the United States women earn about 80 cents for every dollar a man earns in the very same job.  There are many rationalizations for this, but in actuality no good reason.chesapeake, VA, Norfolk, VA, Chesapeake, Virginia, Norfolk, Virginia

My granddaughter was born on March 8th.  I hope her whole life will be influenced by the fact that her birthday represents  International Women’s Day.

Custom Maid is Proud of Our Staff

There are a few dozen women who work hard at Custom Maid to keep our client’s home clean and sparkling.  We know that each and every one of them works hard and cares about her job.  We could not be prouder of them all.  They support their families and are nurturing their children.  Our staff has formed a family at Custom Maid.  Many of our technicians have worked at Custom Maid for well over 10 years.

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