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Insurance is Crucial When Hiring a Cleaning Service

Insurance is Important.  Why?

It’s only housecleaning, so what could possibly go wrong?  Why should your house cleaning service carry an insurance policy and a bond?

Yes, it’s only house cleaning.  You, yourself, have certainly broken or damaged things in your own home while just cleaning? Maybe you have slipped and fallen and sprained your write.   You stop, get angry with yourself, then figure out what can be done.  Can you have the item  repaired or must you replace it?  When you clean for yourself or hire an individual or company without a policy, these losses come out of your pocket.

Remember to check for bonding as well. Bonding guarantees the honesty of the people who will be cleaning your home.

These days you have many choices when hiring  someone to clean your home.  You could hire the lady from church or your neighbor’s granddaughter.  You may also find a new high tech company that you can hire through the internet .  In this case, you never even talk to anyone on the phone, let alone in person.  This type of company seldom carries insurance.

Protect Yourself and Your Home By Getting a Certificate of Insurance

Learn what policies your cleaning company should have.  If they operate a legitimate company with legitimate employees, the state requires them to carry a workers’ compensation policy.  So if any of the employees suffer an injury on the job, the policy pays for medical care as well as lost wages.  Individuals and companies that hire independent contractors will NOT have this coverage.  Any injuries in your home will go against your homeowners’ policy.

You must ask any prospective house cleaning companies if they use employees or independent contractors.  Workers’ comp insurance  does not cover independent contractors.  A company that operates with independent contractors cannot train the cleaners.  Nor can they perform an inspection after the work is completed.  The reason some companies operate with independent contractors is that the company is not responsible for any payroll taxes.  It becomes much less expensive to use independent contractors.

You should hire a company with liability insurance.  This will cover you if your cleaning company breaks or damages something in your home..  The insurance will pay to repair or replace a broken item.

Most companies advertise that they are covered by bonding and insurance.  Unless you actually get a Certificate of Insurance, you cannot be sure that they are telling the truth.

Remember to get a Certificate of Insurance directly from the agent.  This way it will assure that you, personally are covered in the case of an accident.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in December 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.