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I’m Off to the Annual ARCSI Convention!

My room is a mess as I try to decide what clothes to bring to the annual ARCSI convention ( which is in Las Vegas this year.  It’s tough to pack for almost a week’s worth of seminars, business meetings, receptions etc.

What is ARCSI?

ARCSI is The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International  (  Our goal is to educate our members from all over the world in the best practices of the industry.  I’ll be spending lots of time on the trade show floor which is the largest trade show for the cleaning industry in the world.  This is how I keep up with the newest techniques and products.

ARCSI is also dedicated to educating the consumer on the importance of hiring a professional cleaning service.

Speakers and Roundtables

The keynote speaker for this convention is Tony Hsieh who is the founder of Zappos,  Zappos is known for its world class customer service and employee culture.  I took a tour of his company the last time I was in Las Vegas  and it was fabulous!

Among our other speakers will be Duane Cashin who will speak about the importance of measurable results.  I’m looking forward to hearing from Kristin Bergfeld who has made her life’s work helping clear out the homes or hoarders.  Then Mel Kleiman will be discussing hiring and retaining hourly employees.

Matt Ricketts from Better Life Maids in St. Louis will be speaking about green cleaning.

The roundtables will cover everything from policies and procedures in running a cleaning business to following your monthly P&L statements, and a host of other subjects.

As always, I expect to come home from the convention exhausted, and invigorated at the same time.  I never fail to have at least five or ten great new ideas for my business along with renewed enthusiasm.


  1. Great posting. ARCSI throws better conventions with every passing year. Our staff back home will never believe how hard we work at these things until we take a staff member with us. Then they understand why we come back as you put it so well “exhausted and invigorated at the same time”.!