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Ideas for Cleaning Your Computer

A Computer Should Be Cleaned At Least Twice a Year

A computer these days get lots of use.  Maybe it’s a PC at your job or home office.  Many hands will be using that terminal and keyboard.  You may also have a laptop or two for the family.  There will also be tablets or mini computers.  Some of those hands are kids playing games or doing homework.  Many people are a little intimidated about cleaning their units.  What if you mess up the intricate workings?

If you are still using a desktop, it is better to keep the central processing unit on the desk than on the floor.  This will keep dust, pet hair, skin cells, carpet fuzz and such from accumulating inside the housing.  No matter where you keep it, over time those dust bunnies will get inside.  I’m not tech savvy so for anything inside the box so I take my computer to a professional for cleaning maybe every year or so.

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Before doing any cleaning, you must turn the computer off and unplug the power cord.  The outside of the box can be cleaned with a VERY mild solution of soap and water.  Use a couple of drops of dishwashing detergent in a quart of water and a soft cotton cloth.  dampen the cloth in the solution and wring it out as much as possible.  Clean the top, front and sides with the cloth.  Do not allow any moisture to get into any slots or openings in the unit.  Gently vacuum the back of the box to remove loose dust.Cleaning a computer with a vacuum.

Cleaning Keyboards, Monitors and Laptops

Let’s be honest.  We eat and drink near our keyboards.  Crumbs, drips etc. become lodged between the keys which also get sticky.  A good way to begin with keyboard cleaning is with a can of compressed air which you can pick up at any office supply store.  Hold the keyboard upside down so anything loose will fall out.  Aim the nozzle sideways across the keys so you don’t drive the dirt further down into the keyboard.  You can then work on the keys by using distilled water with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.  Using a soft cloth, dampen it in the solution then wring it out well.  NEVER spray liquid of any kind directly at the computer, the keyboard or the monitor.

Monitors have LCD screens and are very fragile.  Be sure the screen is unplugged and give it about 20 minutes to cool down and be sure it is off.  You will want to use a microfiber cloth to clean your monitor.  Microfiber is a fabrication that is completely lint free and scratch free.  Dampen the cloth with your mixture of water and rubbing alcohol.  Be sure to use distilled water since tap water has microscopic minerals in it.  These can harm your screen.  Gently rub the cloth either up and down or side to side on the screen to clean it.  Do not use circular motions as this can damage the finish of the screen.

If you spend these 20 or so minutes cleaning your computer about twice a year, it will last longer and run faster.

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  1. Excellent tips 🙂

    Just a note that there are desktops with fine mechanical air filters that prevent dust and other dirt from entering inside the unit.

    Filters or not, computers are more often cleaned using compressed air than vacuuming, so people being sensitive to dust and similar should be very careful …