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Humidifiers Can Make Winter More Bearable

Winter officially arrives this weekend.  The trees are bare.  The days are short, The air is cold and most of all the air is dry.  This dryness is everywhere.  Not much we can do about the out of doors, but adding a humidifier to our homes can make a world of difference.

Why Get a Humidifier?

A humidifier can replace the moisture in the indoor air of our homes.  I know it’s time to turn mine on when I start waking up with that dry throat and nasal passages.  My skin feels like a crocodile.  I haul out the humidifier and things begin to change.  I used to get winter colds all the time but haven’t had one in years since I began humidifying.

Humidifiers are not just for respiratory and skin health.  They also protect the investment you have in your fine furniture and furnishings.  Wood needs moisture to avoid cracking.  If you have musical instruments like guitars or violins, they also need moisture.

Features to Look For in Humidifiers

Look for a humidifier that had a ceramic filter. This will keep mold and crud from collecting inside the tank.  A good filter will mean that your only upkeep will be rinsing out the tank with water.  Look for a tank that is big enough to last for several nights so you don’t have to fill it every night.  You can find a perfectly fine model with adjustments for relative humidity etc. for as little as $60 or so.

It’s Like Having a Facial

What’s the first thing that the esthetician does when you lie down for a facial?  She turns on the mister!  So do yourself and your family a favor and invest in a humidifier