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How to Be a Professional House Cleaner in Your Own Home

Not every homeowner can afford to hire a professional house cleaner in Norfolk VA to clean their home.  Here are some tips for you the DIY (do-it-yourself) household.

Gather all of your house cleaning supplies and equipment together in a small basket or a tote.  This means cleaning chemicals including a neutral ph cleaner like Fantastic or Mr. Clean, a glass cleaner, a degreaser and a disinfectant.  Use a half apron so you can carry cleaning cloths in the pockets. You will also want to clean using microfiber cloths.  These are a space age invention that allows the cloth to not just move the dirt and dust around, but to remove it.  The microfiber cloths can be used dry for dusting or dampened with water to clean glass and mirrors.  You can buy microfiber cloths in any home store or cleaning store in Norfolk Virginia.

Having all your supplies in one place will save you from retracing your steps.  Clean one room at a time.  Start at the door and clean everything as you come to it.  Tuck a trash bag into your waistband so you can empty waste baskets as you come to them.

In the shower use a microfiber cloth with degreaser to remove stubborn soap scum.  Remember to watch out for cross contamination so don’t use the cloth you clean the toilet with in any other place and don’t use bathrooms cloths in the kitchen.

So, keep your supplies and equipment close by you at all times and you will save time and clean like a professional house cleaner.  Or, if you need help, let the home cleaning professionals of Norfolk Virginia get your house sparkling clean!


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