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How Often Should You REALLY Clean Your Oven and Fridge?

Why You Need to Clean Your Oven at Least Twice a Year

Tomorrow the calendar page will turn over to September.  All of a sudden the days will seem shorter even though they have been getting shorter all summer.  Soon the totally hot days will subside, the kids will go back to school and you will begin to wear long sleeves and boots.  The thought of Fall cleaning will flash through your mind and that should make your think of cleaning your oven.  Even though you probably did not use the oven all that much in the heat of Summer, it still contains the yuck from last Winter.

An oven should be cleaned twice a year in Spring and Fall.  If you leave the black build up on the bottom,  it will change the flavor of anything you bake or roast.  Another reason to be sure your oven remains clean is the gasket that goes around the door.  Keeping it clean will allow it to work better and not cause it to disintegrate.  Oven cleaning is a messy job.  But if you have a self cleaning oven, all you need to do is set the cleaning cycle on a cool day when you will be home.  Choose a cool day since the oven will heat up the entire kitchen.  You’ll want to open the windows.  Be sure to stay home just in case there is a problem with the heat.  The cycle will leave a white powdery ash that can just be wiped out with a cleaning cloth or paper towel.

Are There Science Projects Growing in Your Fridge?

Now that Fall is almost upon us, you should also be thinking of cleaning the inside of your refrigerator.  You should go through everything you have in there.  Toss any things that are outdated.  Get rid of any green moldy things that are hiding in the nether regions of that bottom shelf!

I know that Fall is a terrifically busy time of year for most people.  Back to school also means back to soccer, ballet, violin lessons etc.  You must get lunches ready, double check homework assignments and pick out or make Hallowe’en costumes.  Consider calling Custom Maid to take care of your Fall cleaning needs.  499-8568

Enjoy the cooler weather and the crunch of leaves beneath your feet now that Fall is almost here!

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