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How Does Custom Maid Train Your Housecleaners?

Why is the Way We Train a Big Deal?

When I started Custom Maid back in 1985 (yes, 30 years ago) I figured everyone knew how to clean a house and when I hired my first employee I instructed her to dust and vacuum while I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen.  I didn’t think I needed to really train her.  Boy, was I wrong!!  It turns out that a clean house means different things to different people.  I quickly understood that I needed to train my staff, and myself.

The first step in a good training program is to define the job.  So I made a list of all the tasks that would be completed in each house on each visit.  I also made a shorter list of tasks that are not part of our standard procedure but that could be done for an additional fee.  There is another list of things that we flat out don’t do.

When Do We Start to Train a New Housecleaner?

Training begins in many ways during the interview, even before a person is hired.  We set the tone of our company culture and our expectations of performance.  We have designated three senior staff members who train new housecleaners.  In the industry it is not unusual for a new employee to be sent out with a team for a day or two and then they are considered to be trained.  At Custom Maid we begin with a video to show our new hire what we do and how we do it.

Then on the first day of cleaning, the new employee is sent out with a basic trainer and at least one or two fully trained people.  The trainee begins with bathrooms.  She cleans all the bathrooms in all the houses on her first two days while the fully trained people handle the rest of the house.  While the trainee cleans, the trainer watches and guides and explains.  The trainer, after all, already knows how to clean so she just watches.  This way she can catch any bad habits before they actually become habits.

We continue on during the first week with, next kitchens, then dusting and vacuuming.  We train the new technician to be thorough and efficient and to move quickly but carefully.  After the first week or two we move the new person to an intermediate trainer.  She will work alongside the new employee and help her to build up her speed and stamina.  The new employee usually “graduates” from training in about four weeks.

At Custom Maid We Train Longer and Harder

So while your home may be cleaned by one of our new employees, she will be closely supervised and guided by a trainer.  Our trainers have worked at Custom Maid for an average of 10 years each.  We exceed the industry average for length of time spent in training by about two weeks.   This means that when your home is cleaned by Custom Maid, you can be sure that your housecleaners know exactly what to do and how to do it.  We are the professionals!!

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