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Be Careful With Your Household Chemicals

What Chemicals Do You Use In Your Home?

The average household probably has 8 to 10 different chemicals that the homeowners use to clean.  You certainly have a window cleaner, a toilet bowl cleaner and an all purpose cleaner.  You probably also have a disinfectant, a floor cleaner, an oven cleaner, furniture polish and on and on.  It’s easy just to think of each of these as a way to get a certain part of your home clean.  Please remember they are all chemicals and as such they must be treated with respect and used properly.

Before you set out to clean your windows, or anything else, be sure to read the label completely.  Find information on safety measures.  The label will tell you whether or not you need to wear rubber gloves, goggles etc. You can learn what to do if some of the product inadvertently splashes into your eyes or gets on your skin from the information on the label.  If this kind of information is not on the label, go to the website of the manufacturer.  Ask for an SDS (safety data sheet).

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What About “Green” Household Chemicals?

household chemicalsMany manufacturers advertise their products as being “green”,  but there is no set definition of what “green” means.  Generally you can assume that a product labeled as “green” will be less toxic.  You may have children or pets. If so, you’ll want to be even more careful with the chemicals that you use.

It should be noted that there is no such thing as a “green” disinfectant.  Chemicals with the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide will come closer to disinfection than other choices.

What Chemicals Does Custom Maid Use in Clients’ Homes?

Custom Maid is very conscientious about the products we use in your home.  Ecolab   supplies us with most of the products we use.  These products do a great job cleaning your home. They are safe for your kids and pets to be around and safe for our employees to use day in and day out. They are environmentally friendly.  If you are ever curious about these household chemicals, we would be happy to show you the SDS sheet for them.  Our teams carry these sheets with them every day so that they know what to do in case a mishap occurs.

At Custom Maid, we care about the environment both inside and outside your home.

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