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Take a peek at what some of our clients have been saying about us.

★★★★★ I had my first clean today with Custom Maid. Wow! This team did a Fantastic Job!!!! They went the extra mile with a bathroom/shower area that was long overdue. Traveling with my job does not allow me to clean as often as I would like. Do yourself a favor, get an estimate and your first clean. You will be pleasantly pleased.

J.W. | Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ I have used this service for 20+ years, and as the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” They are reliable – always on time and the work is always done right. They are nice folks. Occasionally, I have to cancel an appointment for business reasons – it’s never a problem. I appreciate the ability to pay online with PayPal. There are a lot of other services available (I get their flyers on my porch all the time), but there is absolutely no reason for me to change. I am 100% happy, and I am sure that I will remain that way.

Glenn J. | Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ Custom Maid did an excellent and thorough job cleaning my house. I have been unable to clean prior to surgery and contacted Custom Maid because they received very good reviews from others in my neighborhood. I was not disappointed! My first cleaning was very thorough, better than I would do myself. I will be using them regularly from now on. In addition to doing a great job they are accommodating in scheduling etc. Highly Recommend.

Germaine C. | Ghent, VA


★★★★★ Love these ladies. We have worked with them for over two years now and they’re always on time, thorough, easy to work with when I need to adjust my schedule. They are always looking for ways they can improve their service and no suggestion is too small. I highly recommend their services.

Kelly T. | Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Custom Maid did a fantastic job. My floors are extremely difficult to clean. They are piano finish laminate and show every little spot. Custom Maide had them looking amazing!!!! That was just one of many things that they did that made my house look great again. Thank you Custom Maid! I will definitely use your services again!

Julie P. | Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Jessica and Kristina have been cleaning our family home for years, 2 residence’s, with kids and without. These 2 young ladies are efficient, thorough and trust worthy….I don’t hesitate to recommend them and Custom Maid.

John C. | Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ I deal with many cleaning services around the country, comparing our experiences and services. I know the owner and the manager personally and can say that looking across the board of colleagues I have met and networked with, Custom Maid represents top-notch quality cleaning and customer service. The care, training and professionalism they put into their business is noteworthy – and their 30+ years of service speaks resoundingly of their integrity in all aspects. Like so many ARCSI (Association of Residential Cleaning Services International) members they go above and beyond and are leaders in their industry.

Sarah V. | Pittsboro, NC


★★★★★ I have been a customer of Custom Maid for over 10 years. The teams are honest and reliable.

Donna H. | Great Neck, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They do a super job in cleaning.  They are fast and efficient and trustworthy.

Carolyn C. | Buckner, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They offer free cleaning service to a person fighting cancer.  It shows they are a company that cares.

Ilene G. | Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They are very polite and friendly.  They are very thorough too.  I’m very happy with the service I get.  I wouldn’t choose anyone else.  It was the best decision I made to get service from Custom Maid.

Makoto R. | Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They allow me to have more time with my family.  As a mother who works outside my home, I can spend my weekends and free time with my husband and 3 year old son instead of fitting them in between house work.  I also love that Custom Maid sends a great team to my home.  They do a great job!   Thanks Custom Maid!

Susan F. | Little Creek, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ When I come home the feeling I have when the house is clean.  It makes you feel good.  They do such a good job I don’t have to touch it for two weeks.

David A. | Courthouse Estates, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Everyone I have dealt with is very friendly and the teams do a great job cleaning.  They are quick, thorough and that helps make my life easier.

Mindi F. | Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ The ladies always do an outstanding job when they clean my house.  They even put small items back where they found them.  The ladiesw are always friendly, efficient and professional.  It’s a pleasure to do business with Custom Maid.

Ed G. | Bellamy Manor, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Their services are consistently high quality and we count on them to show up when scheduled.

Kathleen C. | Thoroughgood, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They are there when I can’t be.

Jenny C. | LaFayette Shores, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They are cheerful, polite and clean well.  Very punctual and professional.  I appreciate their attention to detail and thoroughness-even my mother would approve!

Denise S. | West Neck, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ My girls do a good job.  They are very helpful and do a great job along with having a nice personality.

Geraldine P. | Heritage Estates, Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ They are proficient and affordable.  The ladies always arrive during the promised time and the house is clean and even smells clean after they leave.  I have been a satisfied customer for nearly ten years and I would not change.

Dan M. | Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They are reliable, friendly and most importantly they do a great job.

Ellen K. | Bay Colony, Virginia Beach


★★★★★ They have done an extremely professional job every time they come. I have yet to be dissatisfied with their cleaning, their customer service, or their professionalism.

Tim W. | Haygood, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They like my dog and do not waste time to get the job done and cleaning is well done.

Jeanette C. | Cypress Point, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ I don’t to be at home when they come.  I have no doubts about their honesty.  I have always found the results of their cleaning to be everything I could want.  When I’m at home they are friendly-yet do their work and leave.

Thomas G. | Princess Anne Plaza, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They do a great job and if there is an issue they are willing to fix it.  Very professional and like to have feedback which is very nice.

Laura B. | Ridgely Manor, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ I know that I am coming home to a beautifully cleaned house.  If I happen to catch them in the act, they are friendly, professional and courteous.  All of that for a reasonable price!

Barbara G. | Tarleton Oaks, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Conscientious of their cleaning duties, trustworthy.

Arlene P. | Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ I know that my home will always be transformed back to its most beautiful and attractive condition.

John D. | Greystone, Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ They are always on top of my mess.  They make sure I come home to a sparkling clean house

Diane N. | Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ It’s great to come home to a freshly cleaned and vacuumed home.

Carole B. | Bellamy Woods, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ I know that I can trust them in my home.  We both work full time and are never hesitant when we know they are coming into our home.  It is always an added bonus to return after a busy day to a beautifully cleaned home.

Madeline F. | West Neck, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They clean my home with as much care and attention to detail as I would.

Matthew H. | Salem Woods, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ While cleaning the house they spoil my dogs!  When I come home they’re happy and I enjoy my nice clean house!

Robert P. | Virginia Beach, VA



Robert P. | Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ I never have to worry about how the house looks when we have unexpected guests.  Custom Maid keeps our house spic and span.

Donna W. | Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They save me a day’s worth of cleaning every other week at a surprisingly very affordable price.

John L. | Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Every two weeks you send a team into our home and we love returning to a sparkling clean, fresh home.  Each and every team performs to Custom Maid’s high standard of professionalism.  They are all well trained and do a thorough job. And EVERYONE is ALWAYS pleasant!

Caprice M. | Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ They’re reliable. Every two weeks my house is cleaned – like clockwork.

Susie F. | Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ All their employees I have met are very personable. Always call when done so I can come and let the dogs out. Just some very nice people.

Theresa D. | Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ It feels terrific to come home to a sparkling clean home. And they love our dog!! Thank you Dallas and Nina!

Mary Beth C. | Las Gaviotas, Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ It’s such a treat to come home to a clean house at the end of a long work week. I have my weekends back!

Judy D. | Larchmont, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They always do an excellent job cleaning my house. The team leader Elaine is very conscientious and makes sure that my house looks perfect!

Shelley M. | Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They clean and care for your home like it was theirs. We have been satisfied customers of Custom Maid for over 25 years and the service provided in consistently excellent.

Deborah R. | Pleasant Point, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They always clean my house so well. I love coming home right after they have been at my house. A real treat!

Sherry H. | Thalia, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Their professionally trained teams are thorough, with great attention to detail. Their work gives me peace of mind. I feel that the ladies respect and care for my home as if it’s their own. Thank you ladies; and thank you, Custom Maid for being a reliable and professional organization.

Denise C. | Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They have NEVER let me down in 13 years of service! They always do an amazing job and are very reasonably priced. I couldn’t ask for a better service and I get so excited to come home to a sparkling clean house:)

Gwen L. | Ocean Lakes, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ The staff is always so friendly. They are dependable and thorough. I don’t have anything to criticize!! Dallas and Nina are the best!

Lisa L. | Great Bridge, Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ They are always on time and thorough with their cleaning. I have recommended them to several friends.

Anne Marie C. | North Landing, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ My cleaning team really takes great pains to clean my house to my particular tastes and the entire Custom Maid staff is very responsive to all my requests. Best maid service I’v ever had!

Susan H. | Cypress Point, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Reliable, efficient!

Karina S. | Ghent, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They have always arrived on time. They do their work pleasantly, quickly and efficiently.

Gloria B. | Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They are reliable, easy to work with and eager to provide high quality services.

Sarah O. | West Ghent, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ Nothing beats coming home from work to a clean house!

Janet H. | Saddle Ridge Estates, Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ It takes the stress out of having to do housecleaning myself! I feel so much happier knowing it helps me stay on top of everything. My house stays clean and tidy all week long.

Debra P. | Kempsville, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They say what they mean and mean what they say. They are friendly. Their service is excellent. Try them, you will love them.

Lee P. | Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They are thorough and communicate well.

Sonia C. | Christopher Farms, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They have been a long standing, dependable member of my family’s routine for over 15 years.  Dallas and Nina have delightful personalities and even put up with my mischievous golden retriever while they are doing their job.

Jean M. | Riverwalk, Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ The associates are dependable, thorough, professional and timely, getting my house cleaned every visit.  Also the office staff is helpful and supportive when you need a schedule adjustment or an extra service.

Shirley T. | Military Highway, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ They are so reliable.  You never get a call they can’t come.

Rebecca L. | Larkspur, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ I look forward to every other Wednesday when the cleaning crew arrives and I am “Queen for the Day”.  They have made life much easier for me!!!

Pansy P. | Ghent, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ You always come when you say you will.  Pleasant smiles. Never keep me waiting when I call.  Home sparkles and smalls lovely.  Thank you!

Christine M. | Ghent, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ Nice and friendly staff. They do a great job!

Nicole S. | Etheridge Lakes, Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ They are always on time, Have excellent attitudes and cleaning skills.  I have used the service since 2007. monthly, and have no complaints. Great group of people.

Betty S. | South Kellam, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ I don’t have to spend my weekends cleaning. A few touch ups to maintain between visits and I’m free to enjoy my family.

Nancy P. | Brigadoon, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ They are so efficient and organized.  The team goes right to work, moves quickly through the house, doing a great job and is gone with little disruption of our routine.

Susan P. | Dominion Blvd, Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ They not only do an excellent job cleaning the house, but also take care to call to report anything that seems unusual-a possible leak, etc. SO VERY HELPFUL.

Barbara B. | Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Custom Maid has been my cleaning service for over 13 years.  I can truthfully say that the personnel who have been assigned to service my home have always been prompt, efficient, courteous and meticulous in their work.

Don W. | Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ It takes the stress out of having to so housecleaning myself!  I feel so much happier knowing it helps me stay on top of everything.  My house stays clean and tidy all week long.

Deborah P. | Kempsville, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ My cleaning team really takes great pains to clean my house to my particular tastes and the entire Custom Maid staff is very responsive to all my requests.  Best maid service I’ve ever had!

Susan H. | Cypress Point, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ It makes my wife happy!

Steve C. | West Ghent, Norfolk VA


★★★★★ The are reliable, easy to work with and eager to provide high quality services.

Sarah O. | West Ghent, Norfolk VA


★★★★★ Nothing beats coming home from work to a clean house!

Janet H. | Saddle Ridge Estates, Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ My first experience with Custom Maid was about 6 or 7 years ago.  I had broken my ankle, was on crutches, and needed a company I could depend on.  They did a fantastic job.  When my ankle healed I took a little break thinking I could handle the cleaning again.  In just a few months I decided it was well worth it to let the professionals take over.  For the last 5+ years I have had them clean my house and have been very satisfied.  My house is not easy…I have 3 dogs and a messy husband.  They do a great job and are very personable and dependable.  I would highly recommend their service.

J.C. | Chesapeake, VA


★★★★★ I have been a happy Custom Maid customer since February 1999.
I have been pleased with the cleaning and customer service provided since day one. The staff in the Custom Maid office are eager to work with customers. They are professional, knowledgeable and responsive. They gladly work with the customer to reschedule the appointment if there is a change, and are accommodating with schedules and team preferences. They advise well in advance if my day falls on a holiday so that I can reschedule. I am pleased that I am scheduled for a set day and like clockwork, the ladies arrive at my door. Since working with Custom Maid, I have noticed that they have a talent in hiring hard working and loyal employees. The ladies who come to clean my home are dependable, reliable, and easily respond to my requests. They take pride in their work which I appreciate. The ladies I have had in my home are honest and trustworthy. I leave a key in total confidence.

Dana R. | Larchmont, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ As former employee, I take great pleasure in recommending Custom Maid. I received two weeks of the best hands-on, supervised training and came to appreciate the high standards that put Custom Maid above the rest. As employees, we took pride in our work and aimed to please each individual customer as well as our employer. I brought this training into my own home and found I was better equipped to clean my home in half the time. Now, Custom Maid works for me! My work schedule and family required more of my time and I needed help. I turned to the company that I knew would treat my home with respect and clean my house in the matter to which I was accustomed. Not only am I relieved knowing my house is being cleaned thoroughly, but I know that Custom Maid is dependable and stands behind its work. And they’re only a phone call away! I am grateful to Custom Maid for assisting me in the care of my home.

Anita S. | Brigadoon, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Custom Maid, with its reliable, courteous, quality service, has been making my life easier for the past 18 years. When you find a cleaning service this good, you stick with it!

Janis T. | Salem Woods, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ My husband and I have been customers for two years now. I have been very pleased with the service that Custom Maid provides. We are signed up by Ingrid who was very professional and assured us of the integrity of the company. In fact we have indeed found the staff very trustworthy and they always respect our belongings. I highly recommend Custom Maid to everyone who is thinking of starting this kind of service in their home or office.

Rick & Betty A. | Coventry, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ Custom Maid is a cleaning service I am happy to have had for several years. It is most accommodating in all respects: time requests etc. Also noted are the promptness of their employees and excellent attitudes. They rate an “A+”

Lois T. | Birchwood Gardens, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ I have been a satisfied and happy customer of Custom Maid for MANY years. Their professionally trained teams are thorough, pleasant and full of integrity. I feel comfortable with them in my home, and they do a fantastic job…both these things do wonders for my peace of mind! I have and will continue to recommend Custom Maid to others.

Denise C. | Sandbridge, Virginia Beach, VA


★★★★★ I just wanted to take time to say that one of the things I look forward to is coming home to a clean house on “Cleaning Ladies” Day. Please extend my thanks to your crew.

Elizabeth K. | Lafayette Shores, Norfolk, VA


★★★★★ I have always been very satisfied with the job the girls did cleaning my house. I am never home when they come in and clean. This time they were running a little late and I came home while they were cleaning. I got to see how they clean and what they clean. I tell you one thing, they do an excellent job! I just want to thank Dallas and Nina for a job well done.

Tom F.


★★★★★ You have cleaned my house for many years (24) and you will clean my house on 2/17 for the last time. I want each and everyone of you to know that it is like leaving part of the family. I have have enjoyed having your service and just wish you were in North Caroline. I will miss each and every one of you and just keep up the good work. I will be leaving town and it is nice to know you will be cleaning my house.

Brenda H.