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House Cleaning FAQ

Custom Maid FAQ’s About Our House Cleaning Service

Want answers to your questions about house cleaning services for your Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Chesapeake home?  Check out our house cleaning FAQ below.  If by chance your particular question was not answered here, either give us a call or email us via our contact us form.

Why should I choose Custom Maid over a competitor?
We have been in business since 1985.   We care about giving you exactly what we promise when we first speak with you.
Can I get a ballpark estimate over the phone?
Sure! We don’t want to waste your time if our prices do not coincide with your budget. We will follow up our phone conversations with a walk through at your home so we can take into consideration things like size, the amount of furniture and furnishings and condition. This way you can point out things that are of particular importance to you and we will know just how you want things done.
What services do you perform each visit?
Please check out our Cleaning Checklist page. We clean every single thing on that list every time we come. Some services will do a “deep” cleaning on one or two rooms every visit and a cursory job in the rest of the rooms. We feel that what you want is to have your entire home thoroughly cleaned every time. We will NEVER ask our teams to do anything less than a thorough job in every room we clean!
Tell me about your employees...are they trustworthy?
We perform a criminal background check and a drug test on every employee. Our employees are trustworthy, professionally trained and reliable.
How many people will clean my home?
We operate in teams of 2 (occasionally 3) people. One of the members is the team captain. She will double check your entire home before we leave. We think a team is best for our customers and employees due to supervision, safety and length of time spent in your home.
What cleaning products are used in my home and who provides them?
We bring everything so you don’t have to worry about what supplies you have on hand. The products we use are perfectly safe for you, your children and pets. Our products are environmentally friendly.
Do I have to be home when you clean?
We love to meet our customers and welcome you to be there. We also clean many homes where the customer is not home. We are fine either way.
How should I let my team in?
Any method is fine with us: garage door code, someone home to let us in, front door unlocked. You can give us a key to your home. Remember, we are bonded and insured. Your keys are kept secure in our office and signed out and in by your team captain on cleaning day. The keys are not identified with your name or address. We assign random numbers. We handle all keys with extreme care!
If there is a problem with my cleaning what should I do?
Please don’t re-clean the area yourself…that’s what you pay us for. Call us immediately and we will send one of our Quality Assurance Supervisors by with a team to correct the problem. Of course, there would be no additional cost to you. If the problem is minor and you just want us to make a note in your record, please call or note the problem on your comment card. We love your feedback and consider it a gift!
What if I need to reschedule or cancel an appointment?
Our policy is pretty liberal. We will give you up until 7:30 A.M. on cleaning day to cancel or reschedule. You can call us at 499-8568 even in the middle of the night since we maintain an answering service during off hours for your convenience.
What if I forget you're coming and lock you out?
We depend on our customers to understand how important their business is to us. We save your appointment space specifically for you and therefore turn other business away. Our employees count on the scheduled cleanings for their income. We will charge you the FULL rate for lock outs or cancellations after 7:30 A.M. on cleaning day.
Do I have to sign a contract?
No, we want you to stay with us because you love us!
How do I pay?
We expect payment at the time of service. Simply leave a check on your kitchen table or counter. Although we do not carry outstanding balances on our books, if you forget one time, just drop your check in the mail to: Custom Maid 420 Investors Place, Suite 105 Virginia Beach, VA 23452. If we have not received your payment by the following visit, we will require payment for both cleanings before servicing your home.
Can I pay by credit card?
Yes, we accept Master Card and VISA through our office. You may also use the PayPal button on our site and then you can also use AMEX or Discover. Pay Pal is pretty self explanatory if you haven’t used it before. It is also secure.
Do you clean homes just once, or do I have to be a regular customer?
We accept one time cleanings on a space available basis. Call us for details.
Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau or any professional organizations?
Absolutely, since 1987! We are also proud members of The Association of Residential Cleaning Services International. Alison Palmer, our founder is the current President of ARCSI!
Can you recommend a window cleaner, or carpet cleaner?
Our customers have told us which companies have done a great job for them. We’re happy to pass that information on to you.
I'm moving. Do you have branches in other areas?
No, but go to our links page to find members of ARCSI across the country.  The all subscribe to the same Code of Ethics and will all do a great job.

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