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Do Your Holiday Responsibilities Make You Crazy?

What Makes You Crazy?

I really love the Thanksgiving holiday season.  It is my family’s one time in the year when we can all be together.  We always get together at my house.  My nephew who lives in Oregon is flying in this year.  The season is very special but it makes me crazy too.

I begin grocery shopping in October.  That way I can buy a few non-perishables each week and store them.  Like a crazy woman, I scour the grocery ads each week to take advantage of great sales and coupons.  My kitchen is starting to overflow with canned goods like cranberry sauce.  My family is divided on the subject of cranberry sauce.  Many traditionalists think that  Ocean Spray  Jellied Cranberry Sauce is the only way to go.  My family calls that “CANberry sauce”.  I prefer homemade cranberry relish so I serve both.

It’s Crazy to Try to Please Everyone

It may be crazy, but I try!  So I serve olives for my sister-in-law.  We have sweet potatoes for my step daughter and her family.  You get the idea.  Needless to say, our Thanksgiving table is overflowing!

I have a great dining table for five or six people.  There will be nine of us this year.  I think I will have to haul out a folding table to accommodate everyone.  It is so worth it.  I get a warm fuzzy feeling seeing my whole family in one place at the same time.

Food is Not the Only Issue

Roasted turkey on the festive table

Family is coming from out of town.  Where will they sleep?  I use one of my spare bedrooms as a junk room.  I bet you can relate.  It is the place I toss things I don’t want to deal with.  I definitely must clean up the junk room before my nephew arrives.

I have to dig out the good table cloths and linen napkins.  Unfortunately, I also need to iron them.  Yuck!  I hate ironing. It is time consuming and I normally avoid it at all costs.  Ironing makes me crazy.

Here is the Issue That Makes Me Most Crazy

Housecleaning!  I can handle the grocery shopping and the ironing.  I will straighten the junk room.  All of these things are quite time consuming.  I haven’t even discussed all the holiday cooking.  I bake six different kinds of cookies for Thanksgiving so everyone can take a bag of homemade cookies home with them.  Baking takes two full days.  Last minute grocery excursions take time.  I will pick up the turkey in Chesapeake and the pies near the beach.  Perishable items are left for Tuesday.

So when will I find time to clean my house?  The great news is that I won’t have to get crazy about this issue.  Custom Maid will show up and rescue me.  The cleaning technicians will make extra beds so my guests have fresh linen.  When my team leaves, my kitchen and bathrooms will sparkle.  The sofa cushions will be fluffed.  They will vacuum all the carpets and leave my tile floors totally clean!

I bet you are relating to my crazy pre-holiday chores.  Give Custom Maid a try to help eliminate some of your craziness!

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