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You Hired a Cleaning Company, But What Household Chores Are Still Yours?

Household Chores That Your Cleaning Company Doesn’t Do

You have hired a house cleaning company and you are looking forward to them doing absolutely all your household chores.  You have pictured in your mind small elves coming into your home while you’re at work.  They wave their magic wand and poof! everything sparkles.  While it is true that your home should sparkle after your professional cleaning company completes their work, they will not be able to do a great job unless you do a little preparation.  You certainly do not have to “clean the house before the maid comes”.

There are some household chores that should have been pointed out when you signed up for service.  You will be expected to leave the kitchen free of dirty dishes.  Your house cleaning company will help you by doing tasks that should be accomplished every week or so.  Doing dishes is definitely a daily task.  While you are putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, it would be a good idea to remove as much clutter as possible from the counter and table.household chores

The Kids Need to Do a Few Household Chores Too

One of the places that professional cleaning technicians find most difficult to clean is a teenager’s room.  Make sure that they pick up any clothing that is on the floor, bed, chair, desk etc.  Doing this will allow your cleaners to do a much better job.

The whole family can help you by making sure that clutter in other parts of the house is removed.  When your cleaning team encounters a room that has toys covering the floor from one wall to the other, they will not be able to do a good job.  Remember, they are in your home to clean and make it sparkle!  They do not normally organize clutter.

What Household Chores Will the Cleaning Team Do?

It does sound like you will be doing a lot before your cleaning team arrives.  Actually, you will find it easier to practice putting items back where they belong when you are finished using them.  Then there will be no clutter for you to deal with.

The cleaning team will clean and sanitize your bathrooms and make them sparkle.  The exposed surfaces in the kitchen are also cleaned and sanitized.  The one exception in the kitchen is that your team will clean the inside of your microwave.  In the rest of the house, upholstery will be vacuumed.  The team will remove dust and cobwebs from ceiling lines, corners, door and window frames and exposed baseboards.  They will dust your wood furniture and shine up any glass like mirrors or glass tables.  The final step in household chores is dealing with floors.  Your team will vacuum all exposed carpets and mop hard surface floors.  The technicians will also change bed linens.

Hiring a cleaning service is like having cute little elves who really will make your home sparkle.  Try our elves at  Custom Maid at 499-8568!

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