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Why You Should Hire a Professional To Clean Your Home

You Hire a Professional to Fix Your Plumbing

There are some things in this world that you can and should do for yourself.  There are also some things that require the knowledge of a professional.  Things dealing with electricity should always be done by a pro.  Plumbing requires a professional to take care of.  We’ve all seen the supposedly funny clips on You Tube of pipes bursting when the homeowner tried to take care of a problem by himself to save the cost of hiring a plumber.  Other tasks around your home are probably ok as a do-it-yourself project.  Things like painting,  lawn care etc. do not necessarily need outside help.  Obviously health related issues need a medical professional’s training.

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There are so many areas of a home that require specialized training.  For instance, do you know the proper way to clean your marble shower enclosure?  If you use the wrong product you can etch the finish which will mean that the finish will be blurry until you pay someone thousands of dollars to refinish the affected area.  What about your hardwood floors or your granite countertops?  These items cost you a pretty penny to have installed and it’s important that they remain looking as good as the first day.  There are particular products and particular methods that a professional will use to clean those areas.  A cleaning technician will have gone through training that not only tells them what product to use, but why and also how to use it.  Even the right product in untrained hands can cause problems if used incorrectly.

The professionals at Custom Maid go through a month of training to learn the proper way to use each chemical.  Do you remember the pH scale from 7th grade science?  Well we teach it every day.  Do you know about the mohs scale for hardness of natural material from diamonds (10) to granite (9).  it makes a difference how a professional will deal with the surface.

Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home is a wise investment.  Call Custom Maid at 488-8568.  We know how to do it right!

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article is January 2015.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.