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Some Hints to Keep Your Carpets Looking Good

Carpets Take a Daily Beating (Not In a Good Way)

In the olden days before everyone had wall to wall carpets, rugs were areas rugs and the best way to keep them clean was to sling them over a laundry line and beat them with a special tool that banged the dirt and dust out of the fibers.  Now the best way to keep carpets clean is regular vacuuming.  You should vacuum them at least every week and more often if you have little kids who bring food onto the carpet or pets who track in dirt from the outside and shed everywhere.  Be sure to keep to the weekly schedule.  Small particles of dirt and debris will fall to the base of your carpet fibers.  Then they act like little saws, wearing away at the carpet.  This will shorten the life of your expensive carpeting.

Speaking of pets, there will be an occasional oops!  To deal with pet urine on your rug, blot out (do not rub or wipe) as much of the wetness as you can using a white cloth.  If you use a colored cloth, you risk transferring the color to your carpet which is not a good thing and might not be removable at all.  Once the bulk of the moisture is gone, saturate the affected area with plain white vinegar.  Let this sit for a few minutes, then blot  the moisture out.  This will remove the urine residue and insure that the odor does not linger.  There are special odor eliminators that are available at your favorite pet store.  Also, your professional carpet cleaner has the chemicals necessary to remove pet odors from your carpets.

What About Furniture Footprints in Your Carpets?

Have you ever decided to redecorate by moving your furniture around?  It looks great except for the divots in the carpet made by the heavy furniture legs.  One sure way to remove those indentations is to first moisten the area with plain water.  Then put ice cubes on all the affected areas.  Allow the ice cubes to melt and then allow the carpets to dry.  Then vacuum the area and the carpet fibers should have relaxed so the footprints will be gone!

If you don’t have the time for thorough weekly carpet maintenance, call Custom Maid at 499-8568.  We will keep your entire home clean and healthy.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in February 2015.  We have updated it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.