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Having Dinner With My Grandson: Pure Bliss

Having a One Person Adventure With My Grandson

I have two grandchildren.  They are twins and are 14 years old and entering high school this Fall.  Ever since they were about 2 years old, I would take the two of them, a boy and a girl, for an adventure every weekend.  We would go to a museum or a dolphin watching boat tour or a movie or any number of other exciting things.  Two year olds are an easy audience!  One favorite adventure was acorn hunting in my backyard in Autumn.  Once they were maybe three or four my grandson, William asked if he could have a “one person adventure”.  He meant “Let’s leave my sister at home.”  He and I went to Lynnhaven Mall and road the escalator up and down and up and down for about a half hour.  He was gleeful!

Now My Grandson Is Older

Now that the twins are older, it is much more difficult to plan adventures for them as they have their own friends and their idea of adventures has changed.  A week ago I had the distinct pleasure of having a one person adventure with my grandson.  We shared dinner on a Saturday evening.  It turns out that this was an excellent adventure for me.  I got to explore the mind of my grandson.  We talked about school and his friends.  Then he asked if I had ever heard of a comedian named Jon Stewart!  Off we went on a review of The Daily Show.  It turns out that William has begun following the upcoming election, in his 14 year old way.  We discussed the vast number of Republican candidates and how the debates were planned.

My Grandson Is Into Video Games

Surprise, surprise!  What 14 year old boy (or girl) is not.  He very patiently explained to me how new games get released and how to research which new games were good and which had glitches.  He told me he never buys a brand new game because it will not have been reviewed yet.

All in all, we talked non-stop for almost two hours and I had one of the best one person adventures of my life!!  Next up, a one person adventure with my granddaughter!  Back to school shopping, I think.

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