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Guilty Pleasures Are a Great Way to Get to Know Someone

Getting to Know New People

My brother is a professor at American University.  At the beginning of every semester he asks his students to reveal their guilty pleasure.  This exercise allows people who don’t know each other to open up and tell something, perhaps embarrassing about themselves without getting too personal.  To reveal a guilty pleasure can become a fun exercise when hiring new employees also.

Maybe their guilty pleasure is reading comic books,  perhaps it is running marathons, or extreme couponing.  Whatever is revealed will tell you something about their personality and will set the interviewee at ease talking about something they care about.  You might want to reveal your own guilty pleasure first.

My Guilty Pleasures

You’ll notice I have multiple guilty pleasures.  I suppose my first one is that I am a TV junkie.  Always have been.  I remember sitting cross legged in front of the teeny tiny black and white TV when I was a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Those were the days when TV  (all three channels) only broadcast certain hours during the day.  I’m not even a discerning viewer. I pretty much watch whatever is on: procedural crime dramas, sitcoms, QVC!  Another of my guilty pleasures is arguing politics with friends.  Some agree with me, some definitely do not.  My 16 year old grandkids are now learning all about politics via election coverage and they are eager to discuss issues so they can decide what they think.

Another guilty pleasure is knitting.  While watching the aforementioned TV shows, I knit.  I am always knitting as I find it comforting.  I knit afghans, so it doesn’t take a lot of thought.  Then in the Fall I show my work at craft shows.  I used to give my afghans away to family members but they all own multiple cozy blankies now so I sell them.  I also donate a dozen or more to Blankets for the Homeless.

I hope this hint will help you crack the shell of new hires and new acquaintances.  Why don’t you use this idea when you interview a new housecleaning service?  It will break the ice and make your in home estimate seamless.  Call Custom Maid at 499-85658 to find out what our guilty pleasures are.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in February 2015.  We have updated it for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness.





  1. Great idea, Alison. It’s always a bit challenging to break the ice with applicants. My confession would have to include dark chocolate (not too much but frequently!) I also love to play old-timey hymns, singing loudly and fervently. I usually pick a time when nobody is around to accuse me of disturbing the peace .