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Does Your Granite Countertop Need Refinishing?

Granite is a Gorgeous Surface for Countertops

The moment you walked into the house, you knew you would buy it because of the gorgeous granite countertops.  These days, granite is a high end, sought after solution for counters.  It is natural, one of a kind and when well taken care of, it stays looking beautiful forever.  When the technician installs a countertop, part of the process will include finishing the surface.  You can choose one of two ways to seal the surface.  The first is topical which stays, as the name implies, on the surface of the granite.  The other is an impregnation sealer which penetrates into the surface.  The reason that sealing is so important is because granite is porous which means that without a sealer, water, oils and soils can seep into, and sometimes all the way through the granite.

Sealers Will Last a Long Time

The reason both types of sealers work is that they fill the pores of the natural stone.  Because granite is the hardest of the natural stones used in homes, it requires little care.  It rates 7 on the MOHS scale. Diamonds are the hardest mineral at 10, so 7 is quite high.  It requires little care.  Daily wiping with a good neutral cleaner will usually do the job.  There is a test you can do on your granite to decide is it is time for it to be resealed.  Drip some plain water onto the surface.  If it beads up, your counters are just fine.  If it seeps into the granite, then you must have them resealed.  Resealing should be done by an IICRC ( certified stone surface technician to assure a proper job.  It should be years between sealing with proper daily care.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in April 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.