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Gifting: Pleasure or Pain?

Gifting Time is Upon Us!

I know Christmas is almost two whole months away, but the stores are decked out in their holiday finest and TV ads about gifting are all over the air waves.  You can’t avoid the fact that sooner or later you will need to sit down, decide who has been naughty and who has been nice and then add all the peripheral people to your list.  I’m talking about teachers, post men, hair dressers, neighbors, distant cousins etc.  It can be a pain when you begin to consider your gifting decisions.  But wait, there is another way to go…

Consider the Underrated Gift Certificate

Giving a gift certificate instead of a tangible item that can be boxed and wrapped might, at first blush seem like a cop out.  I disagree.  I love getting a gift certificate.  I get to open it up on Christmas day and feel good because someone cared enough to choose something they knew I would love.  It’s the proper size, color and style.  I don’t have to put that fake grin on my face and say “Oh, how nice…”.

This is the Gift That Really Keeps on Giving

Not only do I get the warm fuzzies when I open the present, I get to relive the feeling when I finally redeem it.  I got a Macy’s gift card last year and just used it last week.  Voila!  instant Christmas again.  Better yet, give a gift card that gives your loved one the gift of time.  Gifting a few hours (or a years’ worth) of house cleaning would allow your parents or grand parents to take a weekend off!

Take the pain out of gifting.  Give a gift card for a clean house and put a genuine smile on the face of your loved ones!