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Germs Are Lurking on Your Door Knobs

Germs are Everywhere, Especially During Flu Season

Cold and flu season is still here.  This year it seems to have held off until almost Spring.  Germs are everywhere.  They are on our hands so it is important that you and your kids wash your hands several times a day followed by hand sanitizer.  Remember, a good hand washing takes at least twenty seconds or the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.  You track germs inside when you come home every day.  Imagine where your feet have been in the course of a typical day.  It is a good idea to keep your slippers near the entry door so you can remove your germy shoes right away rather than tracking them throughout the house.  Make it a habit to wash your hands as soon as you get home.  They will feel so much better and you will keep your home and family healthier.

Places That Need to Be SanitizedNorfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia, Chesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia,

Door knobs and door frames are particularly germy, so are drawer pulls, light switches and switch plates.  The doors themselves, especially along the edges need attention as well.  In order to sanitize, you need to use a sanitizing cleaner and use it according to manufacturers instructions.  This means applying the cleaner, allowing it to stay on the surface for a period of time, usually ten or so minutes, then rinsing the particular area.

You also must thoroughly sanitize your kitchen and bathroom counters.  Bathroom germs should be dealt with daily during flu season, with a really good scrub down of all surfaces at least weekly.

If you stay on top of these areas, you have a fighting chance against colds and flu.  An annual flu shot is always a good idea.  It is also a great idea to hire a professional cleaning service like Custom Maid to do your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.  Custom Maid uses products that are safe for you and your family but deadly to germs.  Call us TODAY at 499-8568.

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Editor’s Note:  This article was originally published in February 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.