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Funny House Cleaning Stories

Dishwashers Can Be Funny

Several years ago I was visiting my brother the university professor.  John is really brilliant except when it comes to house cleaning.  He and his wife had invited a few people over for a little get together and after dinner.   He decided to help his wife and run the dishwasher so he put Dawn dishwashing liquid in the machine and came back to his guests.  Next thing we knew, there were bubbles and water spewing from all around the door of the dishwasher.  It turns out he had used regular dishwashing liquid, not dishwasher powder.  So we started to try to contain the voluminous amounts of bubbles to very little effect.  We stopped the cycle and opened the door.  Then we tried to scoop out the bubbles.  We used every towel in the house.  It took over an hour!

It appeared that we had finally controlled the situation so we decided to run the dishwasher one more time just to rinse that last little bit.  WRONG!!!  We had an instant replay of the debacle.  It took four cycles of the dishwasher to get all the suds out!

Lions and Tigers and Snakes, Oh My!

Custom Maid regularly cleans a home on the oceanfront.  One day when the team entered the home with the key the client had given us, there, on the bannister was a snake curled around it!  The team immediately left the house and called the office.  We called the client to let him know that his pet snake had gotten out.  His answer was that not only did he not have a pet snake, but he also was deathly afraid of snakes.

We found out later that when he entered the house with an exterminator, the snake was draped across the mantle of the fireplace like a Christmas decoration.  It seems that the animal had crawled into the house over the weekend when the customer had left his garage door wide open.

This Story Goes Back 30 Years

My first summer in the housecleaning business I cleaned a large home in a nice neighborhood.  The house had been a little neglected.  It took me most of the day as I did not have any employees yet.  I was pleased with the results when I finished.  That evening the client called me to tell me her son’s reaction to my work.  He was about 8 years old.  He called his mom at work when he got home from school to tell her that I had installed all new faucets because they were so shiny!  This remains one of my favorite testimonials in 30 years.

And Custom Maid still shines up all your faucets and chrome so give us a call at 499-8568 for new looking fixtures!

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