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Floors: Hardwood vs Carpet

Floors Need Constant Attention

Your floors are a huge part of your home and its décor.  For many, the decision is purely aesthetic.  Some people are in love with carpeted floors.  They like the feeling of plush fibers between their toes and the cushy lift they get when they walk across the room.  Carpet softens the rooms from a decorating standpoint and dampens sound.  Others prefer the sleek look of hardwood floors which are usually considered more elegant.  Each choice requires different care.

Many people make a rule that no one is allowed to wear shoes inside the house.  To be sure, this will affect the care and lifetime of the floors.  Shoes track in all manner of dirt, pollen and other allergens and carpeted floors, in particular, will hold on to those particles.

There Are Two Schools of Thought on Hardwood vs Carpeted Floors

Allergens these days are everywhere.  Common wisdom used to be that hardwood floors are better when allergies are an issue.  They do, indeed, hang on to whatever is walked over them including pollens etc.  Hardwood, of course, does not hang on to much of anything.

One school of thought is that hardwood is better for those with allergies but nowadays there are differing views.  Some experts say that allergens “bounce” off the hardwood and therefore float around in the atmosphere.  Carpet, since it holds on to the allergens,  keeps the allergens out of the air.  Frequent vacuuming may actually help manage indoor air quality.

Hardwood Care

Hardwood floors can be slippery and therefore a safety hazard for those who are using a cane or walker.  NEVER use a furniture polish on hardwood floors.  It causes them to be slick as glass.  Vacuum them with a soft brush attachment a couple of times a week or more frequently if there are dogs or cats in the house.  Follow behind the vacuum with a flat microfiber mop to get the last little film that the vacuum leaves behind.  Occasionally damp mop the hardwood using a neutral pH cleaner with a flat mop.  Use moisture sparingly so as not to damage the wood.

Vacuum carpets with a good vac at least once a week (more often if there are pets).  This will cause the carpet to last longer.  Debris, dirt, sand, dust fall down to the base of the carpet fibers and act like little saws eating away at the integrity of the carpet over time.  A carpet that is kept clean will last much longer.

Of course there is a middle ground which is hardwood floors with area rugs to highlight seating areas.

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