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The Kids Are Back to School!

Back to School is an Exciting Time for the Kids

I have always loved back to school time.  To me it is like New Year’s Eve.  Everything begins in September.  I would always wait for the back to school ads in the local papers.  It signaled the beginning of a shopping frenzy akin to the Christmas season.  My mom would take me downtown (now I’m showing my age as we don’t have downtowns any more) and we would dress nicely and shop for sweaters and corduroy and wool skirts.  I grew up in New England so when Labor Day came around, it was beginning to feel cooler.  Not like Virginia where it’s supposed to be in the mid 90s today with a heat index over 100.  I would spend days with my new clothes laid out on the bed, trying to choose the perfect outfit for the first day of school.

Back to school was different back then.  We did not discover our teacher until the first day of school.  We stood in our small groups with friends in the school yard and the teachers would come out on the steps and call the names of their classes.  This was crucial as we all know that the “wrong” teacher can ruin the whole school year!  As in “Oohhh nooo I got Miss Seekamp,  oohhh nooo!”  (author’s note:  she turned out to be one of my best teachers ever)

Back to School Means Back to The Routine

Of course, the drawback to the excitement of back to school is getting up early, homework,  and going to bed early.  It takes a while to readapt to that schedule!

Believe me kids, it’s over all too soon then the real world begins!