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Feedback Is Important to Your Housecleaning Service

No News Is Good News, Right?

The old saying that no news is good news is completely wrong.  No news is merely no news.  Your housecleaning service (and any other services or businesses you frequent) needs to know how they are doing.  Your cleaning service wants to hear your feedback so that they can be sure that everything is going along well.  At Custom Maid we leave our clients a feedback form on every visit.  We call it Keep Us on Our Toes  and we ask our clients to rate our performance on every visit.

What if you think that your cleaning service is just doing an okay job, or even worse, what if you are just not satisfied?  You would like a few things to be done better, but you don’t want to seem like a nag.  Let me assure you as a long time service business owner that we look at all feedback from our clients as a gift.  Staying silent and looking for a new service is not what we want you to do.  Just let us know what you need and we will fix it.  Any time you are not happy with our work, contact us within 24 hours and we will gladly return to make things right.

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When you first hire a housecleaning service, there is a sort of break in period.  You need to be frank with the representative who comes to your home to give you a price.  If the beds need to be made in a particular manner, let her know.  Maybe there is a place in your kitchen that always seems to attract dirt.  Just let us know.  We add your pet peeves to your permanent record so that your team can do a really great job.

If It’s Not Broke, Don’t Fix It

This is another old saying that is so wrong.   Your home looks clean after the team leaves, but the blinds in the bedroom are crooked every time.  That is something that drives you nuts.  (And, by the way, blinds should never be crooked!)  If you don’t communicate this to your housecleaning service, it will never change.  There are several options to fix a problem.  Fill out the comment card that your cleaning team leaves you.  Tell them what could be done better and tell them what has made you really happy!  If the situation is more serious, then call the office and let them know what is wrong so that it can be made right for you.

We Need Your Feedback!

We Need Your Feedback!

You have already established a relationship with your cleaning service.  They have promised to do certain things every time they come to clean.  You have every right to expect those tasks to be done, and done to your satisfaction.  The service wants to hear from you any time you are less than happy.  Remember that we cannot fix a problem if we don’t know it exists.

How Does Custom Maid Handle Feedback?

At Custom Maid, your team captain will double check all our work before the team leaves your home.  And we crave feedback.  We always want to know that we are doing things right.  But if we are not, we NEED to know that as well.  Contact us within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will come back to fix whatever was lacking.  At Custom Maid we get very few complaints.  When we do get one, we take it seriously.  Our job is to keep you happy.

Compliments Are Great Too!

Any housecleaning service is always pleased to know when they are doing things right.  As a rule of thumb, when you are not satisfied with service, always let the office know.  When you are happy with your service, it’s always great to write a review in GoogleAngie’s List or Yelp so others will know.

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  1. We had our first cleaning today And they did an amazing job. I used to use Molly Maids And they never did near as good a job as custom Maids did today on my house. We are very happy with our first experience And look forward 2 hour bi-weekly cleanings. Thank you