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My Favorite Christmas Memories

The Christmas Tree

We always had a rather small live Christmas tree when I was growing up.  It would be set on an old trunk covered with a tree skirt to give it more height.  Then there were two years in the late ’50s when my Mom was feeling all modern and she bought a white flocked tree (if you are of my generation you know just the one I mean).  There was an accompanying rotating wheel with different color cellophane quadrants that would paint the tree with changing light.

Mostly, though I remember going to the Christmas tree lot, choosing just the perfect tree, tying it to the roof of the car and putting it up, complete with tinsel.  Remember tinsel?  Now it’s made of mylar but in my day, it was very thin strips of something similar to aluminum foil.  We always had two schools of thought about the distribution of the tinsel:  strand by strand which creates the most perfect tree in the end, or throwing bunches which land willy-nilly all over the tree (my brother’s idea of getting the decorating done quickly).

The Funniest Christmas Gift

I will never forget coming home from my freshman year in college to a brand new house.  My family moved after I was safely ensconced at school.  I never really felt at home in that new house.  Anyway, my Mom got my Dad a garage door opener with a remote control.  This was 1965 so garage door openers were still a new fangled invention (as were TV remotes and color TVs).  Mom wrapped up only the remote.  When Dad opened it, he kept pushing the button but nothing seemed to happen.  Then he began hearing the sound of the garage door opening and closing but still couldn’t figure out what it was!  I still picture people driving by our house and seeing the garage door going up and down, up and down.

It’s the little things that still warm my heart.

Merry Christmas to All!!

We at Custom Maid wish you and your families the very merriest of Christmases and a joyful New Year!