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Don’t Spend Your Spare Time Cleaning! Make Time to Enjoy It

Spare Time is Precious

Things today move so quickly and there never seems to be enough spare time to do the things we want.  Our plates fill up with responsibilities like work and kids and house cleaning.  So it’s almost impossible to find the spare time we need to rejuvenate ourselves.  We need time to enjoy life’s little pleasures like spending a quiet moment reading with a toddler or teaching our five year old to ride a big boy bike.  There is never enough time.  We need time that is not allotted to some particular task like cleaning the house.  We must find time to choose what we want to do.  But if we make a choice to skip the house cleaning and go to a daughter’s soccer game, we spend the entire game feeling guilty.

There is a Solution to the Spare Time Dilemma

We could make a choice and skip the soccer game, or the reading or the bike ride and clean the house.  It is a task that must be done, after all.  Or we can make the better choice of hiring a cleaning service and spending our precious spare time with the family or alone on the deck reading or watching the local robins build a nest.

Letting someone else shoulder the responsibility of keeping your home clean will take such a load off your mind.  You don’t have to make a huge commitment to the cleaning service.  They will be happy to clean your home from time to time, once or on a regular basis.  A great way to start out with a cleaning service is to  hire one for three or so visits.  This will give you the chance to determine if this particular service is for you. One time may not be a fair try out.

I believe that once you have come home from a long, grueling day at work to a clean, sparkling home, you will be hooked. Custom Maid will give you a price quote and can help with all your cleaning needs.  Call us at 499-8568.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in July 2014.  We have updated it for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness.