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The Devil is in the Details

The Key to a Clean Home is Often in the Details

When I clean my own home (something I don’t often do, as that is a perk of owning a cleaning service),  I hit the high spots and usually omit the details as visiting company doesn’t look at the nooks and crannies.  The benefit of hiring a cleaning service like Custom Maid is that we will clean details like baseboards (when is the last time you cleaned your baseboards?), chair rails, wainscoting, and banister rails.  Services also will dust your furniture all the way to the floor so the trestle of your dining room table will be just as clean as the top of the table.  Other details like window sills, picture frames and the top of the refrigerator are cleaned by professionals.

Let’s be honest, these details are probably on your own personal cleaning list as spring cleaning items.  By that time a quick dusting of the baseboards will not do the trick.  You’ll have to be on your hands and knees washing them.  Yuck!  A service will also dust the tops of door  and window frames and tops of window treatments.  Do you remember to keep the cobwebs away from your fireplace in the summer?  A service will do that.

Maybe you can only find enough time to rinse out the tub or shower and you are losing the war with soap scum.  Custom Maid will scrub your tub and shower walls until they look like new.Chesapeake Va, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia, Virginia bEACH va, vIRGINIA bEACH vIRGINIA

What Details Do You Gloss Over?

Are there dust bunnies on your hardwood floor under the low furniture?  When is the last time you dust mopped or vacuumed under your bed?  Are there Cheerios in your sofa cushions?  Do you feather dust inside lamp shades to remove cobwebs?  All these details are taken care of when you hire a housecleaning service to keep your home clean.

So check with a couple of local services.  It’s probably more affordable than you think when you take the value of your time into account.  Custom Maid has been making Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake houses sparkle since 1985.  Call us at 499-8568 and we’ll make your home sparkle as well.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in June 2014.  We have updated it for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness.


  1. Alison – those details are exactly what makes yours a stellar service. Makes me want to check behind our crews just to be sure they didn’t leave one of those out! Great work.