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Deck Cleaning Made Simple, You Can Do It!

Do It Yourself Deck Cleaning

Step one in diy deck cleaning is to remove all furniture, toys etc. from the area to be cleaned.  Then sweep the entire deck with a firm bristle brush to get the loose debris like twigs, leaves and acorns off the surface. Hose off the deck with your garden hose to remove dirt.  Go to your local hardware store like Home Depot or Lowes and get a gallon of deck cleaning solution.   Now you are down to the yucky part which includes mold, algae, maybe even moss.  You will need a diluted solution of bleach and water to remove the molds and algae from the deck surface.  One part bleach to four parts water should do the trick.  Pour the solution over the deck doing one area at a time.  Use a push broom with stiff bristles to agitate the surface and scrub the mildew and algae away.  Be careful not to track the bleach solution back into your house.  I managed to ruin an ottoman years ago when I came inside without thoroughly rinsing the soles of my shoes!

After the surface is rinsed, leave it to dry for several days before applying a sealer.  You can use a colored sealer or a clear one depending on your taste. When you seal the area, make sure to do all railings and seats also.

Pressure Washing is Another Way to Go

You can rent a power washer for only about $25 per day from most hardware stores.  This takes some time, but does a very thorough job of removing anything that has accumulated on your outdoor surfaces.  Then all you will need to do is reseal the surfaces once the wood is totally dry.  Your deck will look like new and will last for many years.  And while you’re at it, use the pressure washer to clean off your patio furniture as well.

While you and the family are enjoying your newly cleaned outdoor space, let Custom Maid take over your housecleaning chores.  Call us at 499-8568.

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