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What Day of the Week Should Your Home Be Cleaned?

Is There A Difference in What Day of the Week You Choose?

I’ve been talking to women (and men) for 30 years to set up their cleaning service schedule.  By the time I meet them, they have already done the math and made the big decision that it’s finally time to hire someone to do the weekly cleaning.  After walking through their home to get the lay of the land, we sit down at the kitchen table to hammer out the details.  My first question is always “How often do you want your home cleaned?”  Once that is answered, then comes the really hard question of “What day of the week shall we come to clean?”

I would say about 20% of homeowners have already thought about what day they want.  The rest really have to think about it.  Here is my advice.  Think really hard about how your week goes.  Lots of clients will automatically say Friday because they think they want the house clean for the weekend.  When I ask if they do a lot of entertaining on the weekend, the answer is often that they do not.

I Suggest You Consider a Day in the Beginning of the Week

When you think about your schedule, I imagine that you go to work on Monday morning and come home every night, do dinner and go to bed.  The kids are in school all week.  My point is that no one has much time to mess up the house during the week.  If you have your cleaning service come Monday or Tuesday the house will stay pretty clean all week. Then when Friday comes, it is still in pretty good shape.  During the weekend, in most households, is when the mess happens.  Why live with the mess until the next Friday?  I say choose Monday or Tuesday and you will be happier with your housecleaning experience.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in October 2014.  We have edited it to freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.