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Custom Maid is Your Home for Customer Service

Your Home is Important to Us

Customer service is not just how fast or how well the business’s phone is answered.  Customer service must be a thread that continues throughout your relationship with your home cleaning company.  At Custom Maid we try to, at the very least, meet and usually to exceed your expectations for your home.  We want you to be dazzled when you first come home at the end of a hard day at work.   Our technicians attempt to put your decorative items back where they belong after lifting them to dust.  Technicians fluff the pillows on the sofa..  We make sure your pictures are not hanging crookedly.  At Custom Maid we train our cleaning technicians to make your home sparkle!

Other Highlights of Our Customer Service

Some cleaning companies limit certain neighborhoods to certain days of the week for ease of scheduling.  At Custom Maid, we schedule your home on whatever day you prefer (Monday through Friday).  We are always flexible in our scheduling.  If you need to have your home cleaned on a different day from time to time we can accommodate that request for you.  We cannot guarantee an arrival time, but when time is an issue for you, we try hard to meet your requested time.  During holiday seasons we notify any customers who are going to be impacted by the closing and reschedule their home cleaning for a convenient date.  We are flexible enough to allow for extra cleanings during the holidays to cover parties and out of town guests.

Not only do we encourage, but we actively solicit your comments on our performance.  Every time we clean your home we leave behind a form called Keep Us On Our Toes to make it easy to rate our work.  There is also an interactive form on our website to give us immediate feedback.

The bottom line at Custom Maid is that we are here to serve you and your home and the more flexible and professional we are, the better your experience will be.  Call Custom Maid TODAY at 499-8568 and find out just how good our customer service is first hand!!

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