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Custom Maid Can Make Moving Easier

Moving is Stressful

Many families choose to move this time of year, after the school year ends.  The happy family above is approaching their new home.  They are obviously happy and looking forward to the new experience.  But what awaits them inside?  Did the previous tenant leave the home move-in-ready, or do they now have to scrub, wash, mop and vacuum the whole place before moving their things in?  Never fear!  Custom Maid has been making homes move-in-ready for over 30 years.  So call us in advance to set up an appointment before moving day.Chesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia, Virginia bEACH va, vIRGINIA bEACH vIRGINIA  This will eliminate one stressful part of moving to a new place.

What to Expect When You Hire Custom Maid for a Move In/Out Cleaning

We will send a team of two and they will bring all their own supplies and equipment.  That means you do not have to leave your vacuum or any cleaning supplies out of the moving boxes.  You need to remember that we need both hot water and electricity to do our job.

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We will tailor the job to be just what you need.  If the oven is pristine, don’t include it in the list of tasks.  We will, if you ask, clean inside the refrigerator.  If the woodwork (baseboards, door and window frames, window sills, chair rails and the like) really needs attention, we will get on our hands and knees and wash all the exposed baseboards.   We remove all the cobwebs from ceiling lines, corners, ceiling fans, recessed lighting etc.  We vacuum all the carpet including edging along the baseboards and mopping all hard surface floors.  In the bathrooms and kitchen we not only clean, we also sanitize.

You may want us to clean inside the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets.  You may also ask us to clean the inside of your windows.  One caveat is that we are only allowed to climb on a two step stool to reach high areas.  We use extendable dusters and vacuum attachments to reach higher areas.

The Best Part

The best part of hiring Custom Maid to clean your home for a move out is that you can expect to get your security deposit back and you know you are leaving the space in great condition.  When we do a move in, you know that we have not only cleaned but also sanitized important areas so you can move in without any second guessing.

We are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 by phone at 757-499-8568.  We’re waiting to hear from you!

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in December 2015.  We have edited it for accuracy, freshness, and comprehensiveness.