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Creating a Christmas Tree Centerpiece

Christmas Tree Craft Project for Families

It’s 90º outside and the kids are getting cranky.  You need a project that will put them to work for a few hours.  Creating a lovely Christmas tree centerpiece may be a wonderful idea for you.


Go to Michael’s or A.C. Moore’s and assemble the items you will need to complete the project.  You need a 9″ styrofoam cone that will be the platform for your Christmas tree.  I like the green ones as they don’t show the gaps between buttons as much.  You also need between 400 and 500 corsage pins with white heads.  Regular straight pins will not work.  If you can’t find them at Michael’s try Norfolk Wholesale Floral on Brambleton Avenue.

You will also need 400 to 500 buttons.  I buy these in bulk at JoAnn’s Fabric’s.  To finish the project, you need a styrofoam disc 6″ in diameter, enough cloth to cover it, and some decorative items that will carry out your theme.

The Project

Beginning at the top of the styrofoam cone, stick the buttons to the form with the corsage pins, overlapping the edge of the buttons.  Work your way down the form until it is completely covered with buttons.

Finishing Up

Cover the base with cloth and secure it on the under side with corsage pins.  Center the Christmas tree on the base and drive a 3 1/2 inch nail into the center to secure the tree to the base.  Using a hot glue gun, add whatever decorative items you like.

The fun part of this project is to choose the color buttons you use.  Anything from green (the obvious) to pink, or blue, or multicolor can be beautiful!