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Construction Has Begun on My New Addition

Why Is My Home Under Construction?

So, as I get older, I have realized that I love my house.  I have lived here for thirty years and with one drawback, it is perfect.  It is near my office, my bank, my pharmacy and my grocery store.  It is close to the Interstate and to Starbucks.  The one drawback I mentioned is that the bedrooms and the laundry are up a flight of stairs.  I have already had one hip replacement and my other hip and both knees are not in great shape.  I see the one flight of stairs as a safety issue.  I take the steps one at a time and am especially vigilant when coming down.  I organize my day so I only come down once and go up once on most days.

When I had my hip replaced four years ago,  I spent a week in a rehab facility and that was enough for me to know I never want to be in a nursing home again.  Both my parents ended their lives in a (very nice and caring) nursing home and that reinforced that decision for me.  I intend to stay in my home until the end.  Studies show that more and more boomers are making arrangements to live out their lives at home one way or another.  I have many more great years ahead of me and I will be living it on the ground floor.

They Tell Me the Construction Will Not Be Too Intrusive

Construction is underway on a bedroom, master bath and laundry room.  Almost the entire project will be completed before they break through the outer wall into my home.  What will hinder the progress of the construction, my contractor tells me, is waiting for various city inspections along the way.

I’ve been told that the construction project should take about three months in total but I’m not holding my breath.  Over the years I have spoken with many, many clients who have had construction done in or on their homes and it always seems to take longer than the original estimate.

I’ll keep you posted along the way on the progress.