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Compliments (and Reviews) Are Important

Custom Maid is Searching for Compliments

We have all heard the old sayings like “If it’s not broke don’t fix it” and “no news is good news”.  Actually these saying are bad for business.  Any business craves feedback.    No news is actually just no news and a business is left guessing what the customer thinks of their service or product.  At Custom Maid we actually deliver a form called Keep Us on Our Toes.  We ask our clients to rate our performance from excellent to poor in five different categories.  The reason we do that is so that our customers always have a quick and easy way to communicate with us about how we are doing.

In addition we have the exact same form on our web site for those who want to communicate with us immediately.   Honestly, we are always hoping for compliments but we look for complaints as well.  Our clients lead crazy busy lives and so we try to make the communication with us as easy as possible.

Please Post Your Compliments Online

These days, most people, me included, read online reviews before making a buying decision.  We need our happy clients to go on Yelp or Google or wherever you like to review businesses.  Write a few words about our service.  I hope that any customers who are not happy will let our office know immediately so that we have a chance to rectify the situation.  We are always in search of new raving fans.  We take our promises to you, the customer, very seriously and always want to hear your feedback.

Thanks for all of your compliments that we have already received.  You can read them on our website under the heading of Testimonials.  We’d like to add to those glowing comments!  Thanks for taking your time to review us.

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