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Cleaning Tips and Tricks From the Pros: Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink Has More Bacteria Than the Toilet

I read an article recently that said that a typical kitchen sink harbors more bacteria than the average toilet.  That got me to thinking about taking better care of it.  It should be totally cleaned after every use.  Just doing the dishes and letting the water run is not sufficient.  If you are going to be cleaning fruits or vegetables under water, the sink should be thoroughly washed out first.

The best way to sanitize the sink is to use a sanitizer from the grocery store.  Some home grown solutions can also do the job.  Use a 1/16 solution of chlorine bleach and water.  Whatever you decide to use, be sure to rinse well.Chesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia, Virginia Beach VA, Virginia Beach Virginia

A Stainless Steel Sink Needs Special Care

If you leave salty or acidic food particles in the sink it can cause pitting in stainless steel, so be sure to wash the sink after each use using sudsy water and a nylon scrubby.  Never use a steel wool pad on stainless steel.  One of the great features of stainless is that it shines up so nicely.  Just dry it then wipe with a soft cloth with a bit of white vinegar on it.

Dropping dishes, utensils etc. in stainless steel  can cause dings and scratches so you might want to line the bottom of the sink with a rubber or vinyl mat.  Be sure to clean the mat every time you clean the sink.

Solid Surface Sinks

A solid surface often used in this application is also sometimes called Corian.  It is relatively easy to keep clean with just a couple of caveats.  Never put a hot pot on Corian.  Run the pot under water to cool it down first.  Do not use abrasive cleaners on the surface.  Something like Barkeepers Friend  does a great job when used with a soft sponge or nylon scrubby.

Thinks of all the things that happen in your kitchen and you will want to keep it particularly clean all the time.  Custom Maid does a great job on keeping your entire kitchen clean and shiny.  Call us at 499-8568 to schedule your weekly or bi-weekly cleaning.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in September 2015.  We have edited it for accuracy, freshness and comprehensiveness.