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Cleaning for a Reason Comes to VA Beach

What is Cleaning for a Reason?

Cleaning for a Reason is  a non-profit (501 c-3) foundation.  It dedicates itself to making life easier for women undergoing treatment for cancer.  The foundation originated in Lewisville, Texas in 2006.  Debbie Sardone founded Buckets ‘n Bows, a residential cleaning service in the Dallas area over 30 years ago. Since founding Cleaning for a Reason, she tirelessly promotes her foundation and the Oprah show, Reader’s Digest and People Magazine have all featured Debbie and Cleaning For a Reason.

Debbie was looking for ways to give back to the folks in her community.  She settled on providing free house cleaning service to women who are going through cancer treatment.

In 11 short years, Cleaning for a Reason has grown from a handful of cleaning services to over 1000 residential cleaning services across the country. These partners have done over $3.5 million dollars worth of free cleanings. Partners agree to clean homes of cancer patients for no charge.  Each patient receives four free cleanings which are provided once a month for four months.

Why a Need Exists

Many resources exist to assist cancer patients.  Communities, hospitals and The American Cancer Society  form support groups for patients as well as care givers and family members.  But until Cleaning for a Reason, no solution existed for the housework building up all around the family.  No one has the energy to devote to cleaning up.  This causes stress to the entire family, especially the patient.

The gift of a perfectly clean home allows the patient to relax and not worry about day to day issues.

How to Set Up Service

If you or someone you know is a cancer patient, contact Cleaning for a Reason.  In Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Chesapeake you can call Custom Maid at 499-8568 and we can help you get started as well.  Cleaning For a Reason will then match the patient to either Custom Maid, or another partner in the area.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in October 2013.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.



  1. I currently live in Washington, however my close friend in Virginia Beach was recently diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian cancer. She a very strong woman, with two kids and her husband is currently deployed. Is there any way you may be able to offer your services to her.