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Choose to Patronize Local Small Business Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Provide Us With Local Jobs

Remember the good old days when each town supported its own downtown area that featured local entrepreneurs who took good care of their customers; who cared about their town and its population?  People flocked to the downtown area to do their shopping on the weekends.  They would visit the local butcher, maybe buy a new shirt at the haberdasher, and stop at the ice cream parlor for a sweet treat.  Local citizens looked forward to this pleasant experience.  Greeting friends and neighbors.  Being hailed by name when entering a local pharmacy.  Thriving downtowns were the backbone of a small town and aside from a local factory, perhaps,  jobs were created by these enterprising entrepreneurs.

Now Everything is Big and Impersonal

Aside from teenagers, I don’t know many people who experience the same feeling of community at the local mall that a downtown used to provide.  Big box stores and national chains have replaced the Mom and Pop places we loved when we were young.  Those that still operate, need our support to stay alive and thrive.  Some businesses these days consist of a disembodied voice at the end of a long distance computer connection.  That’s not how I want to do business.  Press 1 for customer service…

Let’s Make a Commitment to Make Every Saturday a “Small Business Saturday”Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia, Chesapeake VA, Chesapeake Virginia,

American Express spearheads, for the past few years a huge push following black Friday to make the next day “Small Business Saturday”.  For myself, I have been trying to support my fellow local entrepreneurs.  I love the atmosphere at a local knitting shop called Knitwits.  Who can argue with the yummy treats at Twisted Sisters Cupcake Shop near Beach Ford?  The Virginia Beach Farmer’s Market is a wonderful weekend destination where family farms sell their produce.  At the Farmer’s Market you can see baby chicks and learn about local farming at the Heritage Center.

These places provide jobs for many in our community and these days, good jobs are hard to find.  Another local shop I enjoy is The Royal Chocolate in Towne Center.  Most of the chocolates they sell are actually made in the store from real Belgian chocolate.

The jobs provided by local small businesses pump millions of dollars back into the local community.  Custom Maid is a family owned small business located near Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach.  We service clients who live in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake.  Over the more than three decades since we founded the business, we have employed many hundreds of local residents.  When you decide to hire a professional cleaning service to clean your home, we hope you will consider our local business rather than a national franchise.  Just give us a call at 499-8568 and one of our friendly, local office staff will be happy to assist you.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I do most of my food shopping at the local farmer”s market, and I try to shop local when ever possible. I fear that with the big stores, on line retailers, and consolidated service providers we are dehumanizing the people who do the jobs. When our shipment is held up by bad weather do we think of an individual UPS driver risking his life on icy roads, or merely our annoyance at the big company? I see some stirrings of movement back to local businesses. Lets hope it continues.

  2. The customer service I receive at the small businesses I frequent far surpasses that of the big box stores. I think small businesses get the importance of relationships and community and work hard to provide it. I also hope the movement back to local businesses continues.