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Allergens in Bed Linens Can Be Controlled By Proper Care

Bed Linens Require Proper Laundering

We clean our homes about once a week on average to remove dust and other allergens and create a healthy home.  Our bodies slough off dead skin cells naturally and that is part of what makes up dust.  Dust also contains dust mites which are microscopic organisms that feed on skin cells.  A dust mite is a living organism.  Dust mites poop, so that makes up part of the dust we remove each week!  We should launder bed linens at least weekly.

The Laundry Process For Sheets and Towels

Use hot water to kill any dust mites and if your washer gives you the option of a second rinse cycle, use it.  Do not use fabric softener on towels as that will decrease their absorbency.  If you feel you must use bleach, choose a non-chlorine type.  Chlorine bleach causes bed linens to yellow over time and it can degrade the fabric as well.


If you forget and leave sheets in the dryer too long and they wrinkle, just throw a damp wash cloth in with them and run the dryer for about ten minutes.  If you don’t have storage space for a set of extra sheets,  store them between the mattress and box spring.Chesapeake Va, Chesapeake Virginia, Norfolk VA, Norfolk Virginia, Virginia Beach VA, Virginia Beach Virginia

Other Ways to Protect Bed Linens from Allergens

A mattress pad is a good way to put some distance between you and the mattress which probably has plenty of dust mites. You can buy a hypo-allergenic mattress cover that zips around the entire surface.  When you are doing your weekly housecleaning, vacuum the mattress to remove more dust mites.   You can also use pillow covers.  Shop for ones marked hypo-allergenic. Launder pillows every three or four months and you may want to replace them every year or two.  I recently bought brand new pillows for my home.  They are called My Pillow.  I have never had a better night’s sleep and they are made to be laundered.  Remember to wash the blankets periodically.  If you use wool blankets, dry clean them to prevent shrinkage.

And one more thing…stop obsessing about unseen dust mites!  They are a fact of life.  Just follow due diligence in your cleaning chores and you will be fine.  If you choose not to do the cleaning yourself, Custom Maid is ready, willing and able to take over for you.  Give us a call at 499-8568 to get the ball rolling.

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Editor’s Note: We originally published this article in June 2016.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.