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Car Problems Can Be Easier With Some Planning

Planning Ahead is the Key to Car Safety

We’ve all had that moment in the car . Driving along in the car when a tire goes flat or we run off the side of the road and the tires get stuck in the mud, or it just stops working. Eek!  A little advance planning can make car emergencies into mere aggravations.  Everyone should have a “just in case” kit in their trunk.  The kinds of things you need for car problems are: a flashlight and 2 D batteries, duct tape (it can fix a multitude of things).  You also should carry a first aid kit, latex gloves and an emergency poncho.  Every car should have a small fire extinguisher as well.  Flares will come in handy if you get stuck close to the roadway.

Part of your decision of just what and how much to carry depends on your driving habits.  If you drive mostly around town in short hops, you need less than you would if you normally take long car trips.  For longer trips there should be a polyester blanket,  a 12 volt air compressor and matches.  You should always have your cell phone with you when driving, just in case, though, of course, you should not talk or text while driving.  For longer trips high energy survival bars are a good idea.  They come individually wrapped and will supply nutrition and energy.  Water is a given.

Other Handy Items to Include in Your Car Safety Kit

Now you can get a device that will jump start your battery.  Old fashioned jumper cables have become a thing of the past.  The new jumpers are the size of a small clutch purse.  They have the clips to attach to your battery and will not allow you to hitch them up incorrectly.  You no longer need to wait for AAA to come out to rescue you.

A can of Fix-a-Flat will inflate a tire whose pressure is low until you can get to a repair facility.  It is a short term fix, not permanent.  Always carry your owner’s manual in your car.  It doesn’t do any good to keep it at home!

With these few things, you should be in good shape in case of a car emergency

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in June 2014,  We have updated it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.