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Boots Are Easy To Care For, But They Do Need Regular Attention

New Boots May Need a Treatment Before Wearing

The weather is turning and it’s almost time to get out the chunky sweaters and go shopping for new boots.  Boots are a huge fashion item this year (as they are in most years).  First determine if your new ones are finished or unfinished.  Put a small amount of conditioner on a leather boot (not suede).  If it sinks in within a couple of minutes, then the boots are unfinished and they are craving moisture.  If the conditioner sits on the surface, then the leather is finished.  For suede boots, treating them with an over-the-counter protectant such as Scotch Guard® ( will keep them looking new and relatively water resistant.

What About Cleaning Off Dirt and Salt

For most footwear you can dampen a soft cloth with mild soap and water to remove water marks or salt from snow removal.  Be sure to keep wiping with clear water until all the soap is gone.  Then apply conditioner to the clean, dry boots following label directions.  Even suede can be wiped off with mild soap and water then reapply Scotch Guard®.  To remove scratches from leather, use a Q-Tip with a little olive oil and rub it in.  This should remove the noticeable scratch.

The Best Tip of All!

Tall boots are in fashion but the problem with them is that they fall over and create folds where there should be none.  You want to store your knee high boots standing up.  So you could stuff them with something like newspaper although that can be messy.  A better idea is to buy the children’s pool toy known as a noodle. You can find a noodle at the dollar store most times of year. Cut it to the height of the boot and it will stand at attention!

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in October 2014.  We have updated it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.