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Blinds Require Frequent Cleaning, Here’s How To Do It

Your Blinds Need You!

Window treatments represent a very important part of our décor.  We use everything from blinds to shutters to draperies.  They decorate our rooms and provide privacy.  They keep the sun’s rays from damaging our furnishings.  Each of these treatments needs special attention.  Drapes, curtains and valances should be vacuumed regularly with a low suction vac.  Blinds are either horizontal or vertical.  Vertical ones should be placed in the open (parallel) position then each vane can be individually vacuumed or, if plastic, wiped down with a damp cloth.

Horizontal Blinds Are the Most Difficult to Deal With

The most common type of blinds are horizontal.  You should be very careful when opening and closing them.  When you want to raise the blinds, put them in the open (parallel) position and gently pull the cord.  For cleaning, lower them and place them in the closed position with each slat aiming downward.  Steady the blinds with one hand in the left center and use a microfiber cloth in the right hand to stroke the slats gently from top to bottom.  This works fine for the main part of each slat, but still leaves the top of each one dusty.  Turn the wand around so the slats are facing the opposite direction.  Carefully pull the edge of the blinds away from the window and reach around to the back (facing the window).  Wipe the slats in the back down from top to bottom and, voilà, you will have clean blinds.

This should be done weekly or dust will build up and you will be facing the daunting task of taking the blinds down and washing them which is something to be avoided at all cost!  If you get to the point of taking them down to clean, you can either lay them out on a tarp outdoors or soak them in the tub.  I prefer the outdoors since this can be a pretty wet and messy job.  Use a soap and water solution and brush the dirt away with a medium bristle brush.

You could also hire a professional cleaning service.  Custom Maid will dust your blinds every week so they will never have a chance to get yucky!  Call us at 499-8568 to schedule your first visit.

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Editor’s Note:  We originally published this article in April 2014.  We have edited it for freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.