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It’s a Banner Year For Acorns

Why Are There So Many Acorns This Year?

Last week I wrote a blog about the spectacular Fall foliage this year.  Since it is so warm and sunny and breezy today I decided to step out on my deck to enjoy the aforementioned foliage.  First thing that happened was that I almost tripped on an acorn the size of a small lemon.  Then I noticed that my entire deck is literally completely covered with acorns.  It’s like trying to walk down a bowling alley covered with marbles!  The acorns really got my attention when a gentle wind blew by and several acorns went kerthunk onto the deck.  Then one hit me on the shoulder.  It hurt!  I became interested to find out why, all of a sudden, there were so many of them.

It seems that the local acorns are having a “mast” year.  For those of you who do not particularly take notice of such things, that means that there are acorns aplenty.

Mother Nature Determines When There Will Be a Mast Year

In many years, the critters (squirrels, mice etc.) gather the fallen acorns and stock them away for Winter.  In those years, you may not even see an acorn because the animals have collected them all.  If the weather during the Spring and Summer is particularly hot and arid, there may be few acorns for the animals to find.  That could cause more animal deaths than normal and might be followed by a mast year due to no acorn predators.

Another reason for a mast year is similar to the reasons I described last week having to do with a mild Summer with just the right amount of rain and sun.  It seems that those conditions will allow for HUGE acorns like I have on my deck.

Kerthunk!  There goes another one!!