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Back Surgery is Nothing to Sneeze At!

I Had Back Surgery Last Wednesday

Back pain is not something you want to fool around with.  I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis which caused severe nerve pain all around the top part of my hip, into my groin and down my leg to my instep.  The pain was excruciating.  It felt like the nerve pain I had before my hip replacement several years ago so I called my hip surgeon who took X-rays and explained that hip pain stops at the knee so since this pain went down to the foot, it was not hip pain.  Those of you who have not entered your senior years may not know about the pain scale.  On a scale of one to ten, ten being awful, how serious is your pain.   My pain was right up to 10 all up and down my left side.
So I finally decided it was time for surgery.   Now I just have to make it through the recovery period.  My pain is about 7, which is better than before the surgery and is getting better every day.  Of course the happy little pills they provide for you in the hospital are wonderful.

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center is Awesome!

Since I live in Virginia Beach, I had never had the pleasure of using Chesapeake Regional Medical Center.  I was a little nervous, of course.  I must say, the staff is top notch.  In the course of a five day stay, you come in touch with tons of staff members.  Not one was less then cheerful in a sincere way.  They all were concerned for my recovery.  I have come away very impressed and would definitely use the Center again for surgery.  I’d like to call out a couple of people in particular:  Dr. Grant Skidmore has been a great neurosurgeon.  He takes his time answering all your questions but does not talk down to you.  My post op nurse was Beth who usually works on the cardiac floor, but was working surgical this week.  She made my stay much less scary and much more easy.  Thank you Beth!!!

Should you find yourself in my situation and in need of some help around the house,  give Custom Maid a call.  We are happily willing to do your housecleaning chores that your surgeon will bar you from doing yourself.  I am on house arrest for 90 days with no lifting, bending or twisting.  Trust me, this is my first day home and  it’s difficult not to do those natural things.  But after my knee replacement I rushed the process so I got a less than perfect result.  This time, if Doctor Skidmore tells me what to do or what not to do, I will be following his directions to a tee!